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Heavy chemtrail over Nottingham - question to Graham Allen MP - what the hell are you doing, man?

Hi tap,

I have just taken this picture of some heavy chemtrailing in the NG6 area of Nottingham. I would love you to post as it could make others look up to the sky and wonder what an earth are they doing! I shall be contacting my local MP Graham Allan and hope others do so.
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Plot to assassinate leaders of Occupy

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

As soon as Occupy got some traction, a plot
was formed to assassinate some of its leaders.

The FBI knew of this plot and did and said


- Brasscheck

Vatican rent-boy ring

Paedophile Priest 'Exposes Satanic Vatican Rent-Boy Sex Ring'

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'A convicted paedophile priest has claimed a gay prostitution ring has been operating within the Holy Roman Church, with clergymen hiring underage rent-boys for sex.
Don Patrizio Poggi, who served a five-year prison sentence for abusing teenage boys at his Rome parish, also told Italian authorities a former Carabinieri police officer recruited boys for nine clergymen,IBTimes reports.
Poggi told the police: “I decided to file this complaint and cooperate with the law after long reflection and after a painful history of abuse and misuse of power that I have overcome thanks to the faith that guides me.”'

Elites try to convince you humans are no good

Brasscheck TV via 
7:05 AM (9 hours ago)
to me

When they're not dumbing down education,
adulterating food, starting catastrophic wars,
pillaging the financial system etc....

The so-called "elites" work tirelessly at a
project that is near and dear to their hearts:

Trying to convince you that human beings
are no good.

If it's true, why do they have to work so hard
at it?


- Brasscheck

Hitler and Bormann escaped the flames of Berlin. Bunker death Illuminati hoax.

21st Century Wire

This part of history has been completely redacted from view, but we’ve managed to uncover some of its key elements so far…

Grey Wolf-HitlerWatch the full 21st Century Wire TV episode,“Fourth Reich in the Sun?” – where host Patrick Henningsen interviews special guest Gerrard Williams, author of the book Grey Wolf, as they take a deeper look into one of the greatest the untold stories of World War II, where Adolf Hitler and many other top Nazis including Martin Bormann, escaped to Argentina after the Fall of Berlin in 1945. In addition, they investigate the active role of many top US and German international corporations had in supporting the Nazi war machine during the war, as well as top Nazi involvement in the formation of the Bilderberg Group after WWII. Watch…Part 1:
Part 2: 
Part 3:

Archbishop of Canterbury: Israel the center of the world

In Jerusalem, the leader of 80 million Anglicans — who has a Jewish father — blesses Kerry’s peace efforts, highlights Christian imperative to ‘love our enemies’

Israel is the center of the world “in so many ways,” the archbishop of Canterbury said Thursday in Jerusalem. He stressed Israel’s legitimacy and right to security, and also spoke, in the context of persecution of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East, about the Christian imperative to “love our enemies.”
It was his maiden visit to the region since being appointed to one of the highest positions in the Protestant Church.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, who has a Jewish father, is the leader of the Church of England and of 80 million Anglicans worldwide. He was enthroned in Canterbury on March 21.
Asked by reporters why he made a visit to Israel a priority so early in his term, he responded, “This is the cradle of the three great world faiths. It’s the cradle of our own faith, of Christian faith. It’s where Jesus lived and walked and died and rose again. It is in so many ways the center of the world, in so many extraordinary ways. What possible reason could there be to delay?”

Guardian pulls story on NSA from its website

After only a few hours, the Observer has yanked a front page story by Jamie Doward that should be here:
The story is based on an interview by Simon Davis with former US naval intel officer, Wayne Madsen.
The Davis interview is more detailed and longer than the missing Guardian one, and makes interesting


According to Madsen, at least six European Union countries in addition to Britain have been colluding 
with the US over the mass harvesting of personal communications data. Madsen names Denmark, the 
Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Italy as having secret deals with the US.

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Gordon Logan
Gordon Logan
3:05 AM (5 hours ago)
to meHenry
Hi Henry,

It seems that the story has got into the print edition. It has disappeared from the internet edition.

Healthy fats listed by Dr Mercola include butter

Long post on Dr Mercola on a cancer-fighting diet - here is a small extract

The 'Meat' of the Ketogenic Diet—FATS

Most people who follow a ketogenic diet inadvertently restrict their calories without actually reaping the metabolic benefits of a calorie deficit, which include reductions in blood glucose, insulin, and triglycerides. The reason for this is that they don’t replace the carbs (and protein) they’ve eliminated with high enough amounts of healthy fats.
“Paradoxically, when you’re eating more fat, your blood fats will go down, due to a calorie deficit, and HDL [so-called ‘good’ cholesterol] goes up. Almost everyone that I see on these high-fat ketogenic diets has improved HDL levels,” Dr. D’Agostino says.
Now, when we say increase the fat, we’re not talking about the most common fat that people eat, which are primarily highly processed vegetable oils that are full of omega-6 fats, or trans fats found in French fries and doughnuts. We’re talking about high-quality fats like avocados, butter, coconut oil, macadamia nuts, and olives. These types of fats, which Dr. Rosedale believes are metabolically neutral because they don’t tend to trigger hormonal signaling events like leptin, insulin, and the mTOR pathway.
“I think a lot of the fats can be used in place of protein. And fats are very protein sparing, decreasing your need for protein,” Dr. D’Agostino says.

Owen, Monsanto are a gang of crooks

Hi Tap,

Owen Paterson hasn't yet figured out that Monsanto are a gang of crooks whose primary concern is getting a stranglehold on the world food supply. Here is more evidence of their duplicity, if it were needed.

A new peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability found that conventional plant breeding, not genetic engineering, is responsible for yield increases in major U.S. crops. Additionally, GM crops, also known as genetically engineered (GE) crops, can’t even take credit for reductions in pesticide use. 

The study compared major crop yields and pesticide use in North America, which relies heavily on GE crops, and Western Europe, which grows conventionally bred non-GE crops. The study’s lead author, Jack Heinemann, is not an anti-biotechnology activist, as Monsanto might want you to believe, he's a genetic engineer.

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Gordon Logan

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David Cameron a direct descendant of Moses

The Unbearable Shame of Cameron's 'Torah' Government

(LONDON) - Ten years ago Tam Dalyell, the 'Father of the House' (i.e. the most senior member of the House of Commons in the British Parliament), sparked a huge row by accusing the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, of "being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers"

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Dalyell named Lord Levy (Blair's personal envoy on the Middle East), Peter Mandelson (whose father was Jewish), and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary (who has Jewish ancestry), as three of the leading figures who had influenced Blair's policies on the Middle East.

He told The Telegraph: "If it is a question of launching an assault on Iran…. then one has to be candid." Blair, he said, was also indirectly influenced by Jewish people in the Bush administration, including Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser, Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, and Ari Fleischer, the President's press secretary.

Dalyell’s remarks were sad and unfounded, said Lord Janner, chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust. “Tony Blair is his own man. He will follow advice if he considers it correct and not otherwise. He has been a good friend of the Jewish people and the Jewish state."
Dalyell was misguided, said Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, a spokesman for Britain's Reform Synagogues. "Concerning Iraq it was crystal clear that Tony Blair was not swayed by popularity or anyone else but by his own deep convictions. It is also obvious that the majority of President Bush's circle are Christian Evangelicals rather than Jews."
Ned Temko, the American-born editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said: "I just think these sort of comments are offensive and are a profound misunderstanding of the way foreign policy is made in the United States or here."

Dalyell also told The Scotsman on Sunday "Blair and Straw have become far too close to these people and Lord Levy, who is an unaccountable ambassador in the Middle East, is part of this group. They are acting on an extremely Zionist, Likud-nik agenda. In particular I am concerned that some of them are pushing for an attack on Syria, for reasons of Israeli security. "MP Louise Ellman, a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism, said: "This absurd proposition implies a Jewish plot in high places…"
Former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a senior member of Scotland’s Jewish community, was rudely dismissive: "We all know that Tam gets bees in his bonnet and eight times out of 10 they are nuts but the other two are brilliant. This is, I’m afraid, one of the nutty ones."

Next day the Guardian reported that Dalyell could face an investigation for inciting racial hatred Eric Moonman, president of the Zionist Federation, was seeking advice on whether there was a case for referral. "I believe there is," he said.

Today it is obvious that old Tam was neither nutty nor misguided. He joined the dots and saw the danger, as did many others.

“So many Jews that the Tory party should be known as the Torah party”

Meanwhile the Jewish cabal flourishes. A week ago Ian Livingston was handpicked by prime minister David Cameron for the trade minister job. Cameron, who had previously broken with traditional wisdom and appointed the first Jewish ambassador to Israel, was reported by an ecstatic Times of Israel as having now decided to bring into the government possibly its most committed Jew yet, and certainly its most outspoken supporter of Israel, which Livingston called “the most amazing state in the world.”

Livingston is not elected. He’s appointed... and created a Lord to make it look kosher.
The newspaper went on to name other top Jewish figures in the Conservative party such as co-chairs Lord Feldman and Grant Shapps MP, senior treasurer Howard Leigh, a member of the Jewish Leadership Council; and former party treasurers Richard Harrington MP and Lord Fink, another member of the JLC.

"There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party," crowed the paper.

And to make the Prime Minister feel thoroughly at home in his Torah party a Jewish scholar, after tracing Cameron’s ancestry, claimed he could be “a direct descendant of Moses or, at least, a cousin”.

Hi Henry,as always I enjoy reading your blog.Re Cameron,I do not know if you are aware that his mother is Jewish and as Jewish society is matrilineal,that makes him Jewish. Colin

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Blackout: Defense Department Blocks All Articles About NSA Leaks From 'Millions' of Computers

The Department of Defense is blocking online access to news reports about classified National Security Agency documents made public by Edward Snowden. The blackout affects all of the department's computers and is part of a department-wide directive.

"Any website that runs information that the Department of Defense still considers classified" is affected, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told U.S. News in a phone interview.

According to Pickart, news websites that re-report information first published by The Guardian or other primary sources are also affected.

"If that particular website runs an article that our filters determine has classified information... the particular content on that website will remain inaccessible," he said.
Pickart said the blackout affects "millions" of computers on "all Department of Defense networks and systems."

Politicians fear artists as they create new language games

Redux: Full Gilad Atzmon interview for 21st Century Wire TV

21st Century Wire says…

Gilad-Atzmon-interviewThis three-part interview which aired in 2012 on the UK’s SKY PSTV channel 192, features British-Israeli artist and author, Gilad Atzmon, with host Patrick Henningsen, as they take a tough look at the phenomenon of the Israeli political lobby in the US and Britain, the dangers of military escalation in the Middle East, and what it all means to 21st century society.


Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

The IRS has the power to ruin anyone they want anytime they want

Lest we forget, the IRS has been deliberately
targeting people who have political opinions
the government doesn't like.

"They can do almost anything they want
to anybody they want anytime they want."



New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation

Did you actually believe that they were not going to use the precedent that they set in Cyprus?  On Thursday, EU finance ministers agreed to a shocking new plan that will make every bank account in Europe vulnerable to Cyprus-style bail-ins.  In other words, the wealth confiscation that we just witnessed in Cyprus will now be used as a template for future bank failures all over Europe.  

That means that if you have a bank account in Europe, you could wake up some morning and every penny in that account over 100,000 euros could be gone.  That is exactly what happened in Cyprus, and now EU officials plan to do the same thing all over Europe.  For quite a while EU officials insisted that Cyprus was a "special case", but now we see that was a lie.  

International outrage over what happened in Cyprus has died down, and now they are pushing forward with what they probably had planned all along.  But why have they chosen this specific moment to implement such a plan?  Are they anticipating that we will see a wave of bank failures soon?  Do they know something that they aren't telling us?

Facebook steals all your contacts not just the ones you log on Facebook

Firm: Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected

Summary: According to the firm who found the bug, Facebook's email to six million users affected by its shadow profiles leak left out some numbers. Plus, non-user contacts were also leaked. UPDATED with Facebook responses (inline).

The security researchers who found Facebook's shadow profiles vulnerability have compared their numbers to what Facebook told its users in emails, and the numbers don't match.

They say Facebook told users the data exposure is much less than what the researchers found, and the researchers also say Facebook is hoarding non-user contact information — seen when it was also shared and exposed in the leak.

Friday Facebook announced the fix of a bug it said inadvertently exposed the private information of over six million users when Facebook's previously unknown shadow profiles accidentally merged with user accounts in data history record requests. 

Since at least 2012, Facebook users who used the Download Your Information (DYI) tool to get their data history record also got an address book with contacts users had never provided to Facebook.

Facebook explained the issue to ZDNet Sunday after user anger exploded — saying that when a Facebook user uploads an address book, the social network obtains all contacts in the user's database and saves all of them.

Users are still furious and were unaware that their not-for-sharing, offsite phone numbers and email addresses are being collected, stored, secretly matched to them (and now accidentally shared) by Facebook.

Words are bad. Parents are bad. Brave New World.


Great site as always

Pls consider this fast paced recording of a recent USA icon interview.

bucket loads of cool info:-

Alls good but if you watch from 1.24h quite interesting.

your thoughts sir?


TAP -  I started at 1 hour 15 minutes and it's gripping stuff.   How they issue conflicting stories that don't make any sense.  Some end up on this blog, I'm afraid to say.  People end up not bothering as they're confused - cognitive dissonance.

Eugenicists, posing as philanthropists.  Genes will have to be patented.   Embryos to be licensed.  Licence to have children.  If they don't like your genes, the embryo will be aborted.

Conservatives (opponents) to be put in FEMA camps.

Too many adverts in the breaks - American style.  Brits can't take it!

Eugenics has been rebranded as molecular biology.  The Molecular Vision Of Life is a book which explains what's going on.  MIT professor wrote book quoting many scientists.  They're rebranding our culture to stop us being self-motivated individuals, so we can be easily collectivised.

The people doing this are trying to get people down to the level where dissent is totally out of the question.  Learned helplessness was a movie.  It's the aim of the elites.  They aim to remove our choices.  They pose as if they're the humanitarians.  Hegelian dialectic.  False flag terror.

Once globalists have control, they're reducing the population by 80-90%.  That's what they tell their own stooges.  In fact many of them won't survive too and the figure could be much bigger, around 95%.  People within academia know the facts.  Agenda 21 depopulation is part of their agenda.  University types say - 'well there are too many people'.  USA families only have 1.3 kids per family.

They allow racial invasion to destroy nations.  They allowed overpopulation in the third world to justify the later depopulation agenda.  Cybernetics is control (gubernator=helmsman in Latin).  

So many people are waking up, which wasn't intended by the elites.  Is the human survival instinct overriding the NWO programmes.  

NSA monitoring has woken up many people.  The population of those who know is reaching critical mass and the elites are now rushing the programmes out as they're afraid of a backlash.

Huxley - the slaves don't even know they are slaves - won't apply.  Orwell was a student of Huxley.  He was a student of H.G.Wells.  They aim to crush the human spirit.  They want us to submit.  What have they done to deserve our submission?  

They use sexual abuse of children to crush their individual spirit and personalities.  The sexualisation of children is aimed at achieving control.  War is redefined as 'kinetic action' to confuse people as to what is going on.  Only through reclaiming words that have meaning, and by talking with each other can we stop the removal of language and the resulting separation from each other.

Tragedy & Hope by Carroll Quigley -  There is an agenda, the Pilgrim Society etc - tracing back to Cecil John Rhodes, funded by John Rothschild.  Media control.  The LSE.  They assume people won't be able to work out they're being lied to.  Yet people have five senses, and can see that they are being lied to all the time.

The FBI makes bombers.   Bloomberg accused Alex Jones of making bombers, taking his words out of context.  He accused the government of weather warfare, the Oklahoma tornado being a deliberate weapon.  It's illegal to state that so he said that weather warfare is already published.

We take the tools that were meant to enslave us and we use them to get our freedom back, such as the internet.

Advert about a film on Macchiavelli, a new movie exclsuively from Infowars - State Of Mind.   Macchiavelli didn't mean his books to get out in public.  Yet they did.  Another author explained how the schemes can be undone once you know what Macchiavelli's gameplan is.  Quigley wrote other books in the 1960s apart from Tragedy and Hope, a bit like Macchiavelli, and the programme can be understood by studying these books.

The elites want to create obedient servile workers in the Prussian method.  Being lazy and uninformed is like a shield, which people like.  Yet as a result, people are in debt, malnourished, overworked.  They are being dragged down.  Start fighting back.  Resistance is victory.

Even the rich and powerful realise they're slaves of the system too.  The unocculting of information is the way to go. Education is occulting.  We need to inform and empower people.   They're after our children first.  Education system is about putting people down to the point they stop thinking for themselves.

They don't want everyone to wake up.  They trying to hold the ball under water.  The natural state of humanity is to be above the water.  Education is training children to become human resources for the globalists.  15000 hours of public schooling fills peoples' minds mostly with total nonsense.

John Taylor Gatto discovered he was teaching falsehood by design, and creating dumbed down kids.  When he spoke out and tried to teach kids how to take initiative and think,  he was prevented from teaching.


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License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers

I am always amazed at the number of Police cars which are out there.  On the way to school each day, only a mile there and back, I invariably see two Police cars.  What on earth can they be doing I wonder, in this 65,000 nothing-ever-happens town?  There's always a Police helicopter overhead at all times of the day.  Here's a possible answer to that question in two posts that came in just now.

Are they filming traffic?

When the city of San Leandro, Calif., purchased a license-plate reader for its police department in 2008, computer security consultant Michael Katz-Lacabe asked the city for a record of every time the scanners had photographed his car.
The results shocked him.

The paperback-size device, installed on the outside of police cars, can log thousands of license plates in an eight-hour patrol shift. Katz-Lacabe said it had photographed his two cars on 112 occasions, including one image from 2009 that shows him and his daughters stepping out of his Toyota Prius in their driveway.

That photograph, Katz-Lacabe said, made him “frightened and concerned about the magnitude of police surveillance and data collection.” The single patrol car in San Leandro equipped with a plate reader had logged his car once a week on average, photographing his license plate and documenting the time and location.

At a rapid pace, and mostly hidden from the public, police agencies throughout California have been collecting millions of records on drivers and feeding them to intelligence fusion centers operated by local, state and federal law enforcement.

St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones to Patrol High Crime Areas

UAVs would also track suspicious vehicles
Paul Joseph Watson
June 27, 2013

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has called for the city’s high crime areas to be patrolled by unmanned surveillance drones within a year, in addition to using the technology to track suspicious vehicles.
Privacy rules on using the drones would be drawn from internal police guidelines and the UAVs could be in use by next summer.

“I think the technology is there now domestically for law enforcement agencies to rely on unmanned aerial observation platforms to do a variety of things,” said Dotson, applications which would include tracking suspicious vehicles and spying on high crime areas.

“That’s what we use helicopters for now, I think that’s what we use neighborhood cameras (for)….if you’re in a public space there is no expectation of privacy,” added Dotson.

An ACLU representative responded by labeling the drones, “big brother in the sky all the time….before we get too far with this technology I think we as Americans deserve to know the rules that would protect us from that kind of constant surveillance day in and day out everywhere we go.”

US spooks stockpile arms for Syrian rebels in Jordan for August onslaught

The CIA is stockpiling arms in Jordan for US-trained Syrian rebels, which they will use in an offensive against Damascus starting August, according to The Wall Street Journal. Up to hundreds of fighters are to be armed and sent to the battlefield monthly.

The intelligence agency had stored Soviet-made arms at a network of secret warehouses in advance of the Obama administration’s decision to provide military assistance to the militants fighting against the government of Bashar Assad, the newspaper reports. The weapons include anti-tank missiles, which may be handed over to the Syrian rebels.
The CIA was chosen to deliver arms to the Syrian revels to limit public disclosures and restrict oversight to a small group of lawmakers, who would oversee the clandestine operation, the report explains.

Other countries may join the US program for arming the rebels. Washington is in talks with France about pre-positioning European-procured weapons in Jordan. Saudi Arabia is expected to provide some portable anti-aircraft weapons as well, the WSJ says.

The weapons are meant for Syrian rebels trained by US instructors, the report says. The CIA says it has an “elaborate” vetting system, which will supposedly prevent the American-trained and armed fighters from joining jihadist forces among the anti-Assad troops. The agency may co-opt aid from the US special operations forces and similar units in other countries like Jordan and the United Arab Emirates to train the rebels, the report says.

Up to several hundred troops may be sent into Syrian territory every month under the program, the newspaper says, citing diplomatic sources. The rebel troops will be deployed starting early August and will need four to five months before making “a meaningful difference” in the Syrian civil war, unnamed US officials told WSJ.

The FBI informant who worked alongside Assange

The news gets more and more like an Agatha Christie.  The plot thickens.  The list of names of potentially guilty people gets only longer, and the reader can't unfathom the real story.  This one is a classic.  Who's with the NWO?  Who's genuine?  You work it out.

Thordarson with Julian Assange. Photo: Courtesy Sigurdur Thordarson
On an August workday in 2011, a cherubic 18-year-old Icelandic man named Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson walked through the stately doors of the U.S. embassy in Reykjav√≠k, his jacket pocket concealing his calling card: a crumpled photocopy of an Australian passport. The passport photo showed a man with a unruly shock of platinum blonde hair and the name Julian Paul Assange.
Thordarson was long time volunteer for WikiLeaks with direct access to Assange and a key position as an organizer in the group. With his cold war-style embassy walk-in, he became something else: the first known FBI informant inside WikiLeaks. For the next three months, Thordarson served two masters, working for the secret-spilling website and simultaneously spilling its secrets to the U.S. government in exchange, he says, for a total of about $5,000. The FBI flew him internationally four times for debriefings, including one trip to Washington D.C., and on the last meeting obtained from Thordarson eight hard drives packed with chat logs, video and other data from WikiLeaks.
The relationship provides a rare window into the U.S. law enforcement investigation into WikiLeaks, the transparency group newly thrust back into international prominence with its assistance to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Thordarson’s double-life illustrates the lengths to which the government was willing to go in its pursuit of Julian Assange, approaching WikiLeaks with the tactics honed during the FBI’s work against organized crime and computer hacking — or, more darkly, the bureau’s Hoover-era infiltration of civil rights groups.
“It’s a sign that the FBI views WikiLeaks as a suspected criminal organization rather than a news organization,” says Stephen Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy. “WikiLeaks was something new, so I think the FBI had to make a choice at some point as to how to evaluate it: Is this The New York Times, or is this something else? And they clearly decided it was something else.”
The FBI declined comment.
Thordarson was 17 years old and still in high school when he joined WikiLeaks in February 2010. He was one of a large contingent of Icelandic volunteers that flocked to Assange’s cause after WikiLeaks published internal bank documents pertaining to that country’s financial crisis.
When a staff revolt in September 2010 left the organization short-handed, Assange put Thordarson in charge of the WikiLeaks chat room, making Thordarson the first point of contact for new volunteers, journalists, potential sources, and outside groups clamoring to get in with WikiLeaks at the peak of its notoriety.
In that role, Thordarson was a middle man in the negotiations with the Bradley Manning Defense Fund that led to WikiLeaks donating $15,000 to the defense of its prime source. He greeted and handled a new volunteer who had begun downloading and organizing a vast trove of 1970s-era diplomatic cables from the National Archives and Record Administration, for what became WikiLeaks’ “Kissinger cables” collection last April. And he wrangled scores of volunteers and supporters who did everything from redesign WikiLeaks’ websites to shooting video homages to Assange.
He accumulated thousands of pages of chat logs from his time in WikiLeaks, which, he says, are now in the hands of the FBI.
Thordarson’s betrayal of WikiLeaks also was a personal betrayal of its founder, Julian Assange, who, former colleagues say, took Thordarson under his wing, and kept him around in the face of criticism and legal controversy.
“When Julian met him for the first or second time, I was there,” says Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of Icelandic Parliament who worked with WikiLeaks on Collateral Murder, the Wikileaks release of footage of a US helicopter attack in Iraq. “And I warned Julian from day one, there’s something not right about this guy… I asked not to have him as part of the Collateral Murder team.”
In January 2011, Thordarson was implicated in a bizarre political scandal in which a mysterious “spy computer” laptop was found running unattended in an empty office in the parliament building. “If you did [it], don’t tell me,” Assange told Thordarson, according to unauthenticated chat logs provided by Thordarson.
“I will defend you against all accusations, ring [sic] and wrong, and stick by you, as I have done,” Assange told him in another chat the next month. “But I expect total loyalty in return.”
Instead, Thordarson used his proximity to Assange for his own purposes. The most consequential act came in June 2011, on his third visit to Ellingham Hall — the English mansion where Assange was then under house arrest while fighting extradition to Sweden.
Rest of story below