Friday, June 14, 2013

G4S are the new Police force - unaccountable and dangerous

Road_Hog has left a new comment on your post "Bill Gates buys into G4S - the replacement for the...": 

As I said before (this week), in another topic, G4S is being brought in as a private police force. These people will happily turn on the public in a way that the police would never do.

They're exempt from the public complaints system and also FOI requests.

Ever tried to get hold of someone senior to sort out a complaint with a major corporation? Yep, you get the refusal from the CS rep teletubby.

G4S will take over more and more of the police duties. And unlike the police, they're not accountable to us. 

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Anonymous said...

unlike the police, they're not accountable to us.

well we are not accountable to them END OF - i will not pay them a penny simple as.. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN F*CKERS