Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cancer foods to avoid

Acrylamide in many foods

Even the BBC agree !!!

Raised levels of a chemical linked to cancer have been found in a range of foods from KFC meals to
breakfast cereals. 

So what are the risks involved and what are the food manufacturers doing to manage the levels of the chemical?

Chips n crisps are also high risk.

apparently as harmful as smoking when pregnant.

Babies born smaller & with smaller heads -  seems proven harmful.



should be able to listen again

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Anonymous said...

Duuuu Would it be possible to have your early morning cereal meal

Made substantially with -

GMF Frankenstein Corn


Hydrogenated fats

Purified white sugar

Aspartame or other sweetners

Doctor'd Milk

Getting off to a good start has never been better.

Thankyou to those with white coats

can you add anything to this list your comments greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Could it get any worse?

Chemically polluted water.

Chemically polluted Air.

Chemically polluted food.

Is there any escape from the trap?

All alternative health foods seem to be getting harder & dearer to come by.

But easy junk food & fast food outlets seem to be everywhere.

some one has a plan help.



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