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Rothschilds, Rockefellers Buy Up Assets Depressed By Their Own Boom And Bust

I thought you'd like this:

Rothschild and Rockefeller families team up for some extra wealth creation - Telegraph
The Rothschild and Rockefeller families have teamed up to buy assets from banks and other distressed sellers in a union between two of the best-known names in financial history.

EXTRACT -  RIT Capital Partners, which is chaired by Lord Rothschild, has taken a 37pc stake in Rockefeller Financial Services, the family’s wealth advisory and asset management wing. It has snapped up the holding from French bank Société Générale for less than £100m.
The transatlantic alliance cements a five-decade acquaintance between the now ennobled Jacob Rothschild, 76, and David Rockefeller, 96, the grandson of the ruthlessly acquisitive American oilman and philanthropist John D Rockefeller.
The two patricians now plan to capitalise on their family names to buy other asset managers or their portfolios, using their networks of top-notch contacts to ensure they get a seat at the table for any deal.
“We’ve known each other for a long time, they have a good business,” said Lord Rothschild yesterday. “We haven’t got a presence in the US and this brings together two formidable names in finance.”
He said the two firms planned to capitalise on current market conditions where banks, like SocGen in this instance, are selling non-core assets to rebuild capital ratios. “At a time when big banks are destabilised, there may well be opportunities,” he said. “We could buy an asset management company or grow one. Rockefeller already has $34bn (£21.9bn) assets under administration.”

TAP - The Rothschilds claiming not to have a US presence brings  a wry smile to the lips.  They were only the controlling interest in J.P.Morgan for over a hundred years.   They created Standard Oil, and all Rockefeller operations into Pharmaceuticals.  Their banks control every single one of the US' Fortune 500 with a strategic shareholding.  They own the lot.  Now they want more.  They created the boom.  Now they clean up in the bust.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Washing Up Liquids. Mild Green Killers.

By Dr. Mercola
Commercial cleaning products, even "green" ones like Simple Green, clean faster than soap and water can. But this is because they contain small amounts of the most powerful grease-cutting class of chemicals known -- glycol ethers.
Overexposure to glycol ethers can cause anemia, intoxication, and irritation of the eyes and nose.
In laboratory animals, low-level exposure to glycol ethers has caused birth defects and damage to sperm and testicles. The most commonly used glycol ether, 2-butoxyethanol, has been shown to cause liver cancer in animals. AlterNet reports:
"You are exposed to the glycol ethers when you inhale them as the cleaner is used ... Most glycol ethers can silently penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream ... If that were not enough, the glycol ethers also go through natural rubber gloves and many types of plastic gloves without changing their appearance."
The typical American home contains 3-10 gallons of toxic materials, in the form of about 60 different kinds of hazardous household cleaning products. That's right, the very things you use to clean your house are actually the primary sources of toxins and indoor air pollution that Americans expose themselves to year after year. And many of the new "green" alternatives now being offered by major corporations are only green in name, as you will soon discover.

The Cost of Cleaning Your Home

Having a clean home should never cost you something as valuable as your health, but that's exactly what you're putting at risk when you use household cleaners and laundry detergents filled with many of the hazardous chemicals on the market today.
The problem is, when the chemicals in these common household products hit your skin and lungs, they go directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your body's natural defense system against toxins (the liver and kidneys).
This type of indoor pollution is particularly harmful to your health because just one application of a typical household cleaner can leave dangerous chemicals lingering in your indoor air for hours at a time. For people who spend a large amount of their day indoors, this can amount to a frequent chemical attacks on your lungs.

So, which Ingredients are Toxic?

Some of the ingredients in common household cleaners, laundry detergents, and even "green" cleaners that can create a toxic indoor environment include:
  • Glycol ethers – Widespread use in paints, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and foods. Cause fatigue, lethargy, nausea, and possible liver and kidney damage.
  • Phthalates – Cause reproductive harm, endocrine disruption, cancer, organ damage.
  • Perfumes – Cause headaches, sinus problems, asthma, may cause intoxication and "addiction."
  • Phosphates - Manufacturers have reduced eliminated phosphates from laundry products, but no action has ever been taken on dishwasher detergents. Causes widespread environmental damage.
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), a common ingredient in laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners, is banned in Europe, and known to be a potent endocrine disrupter. It's already thought to be the cause of male fish transforming into females in waterways around the world!
  • Formaldehyde, found in spray and wick deodorizers, is a suspected carcinogen.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including 1,4-dichlorobenzene – Cause nose and throat irritation, dizziness, asthma.
  • Petroleum solvents in floor cleaners may damage mucous membranes.
  • Butyl cellosolve, found in many all-purpose and window cleaners. May damage your kidneys, bone marrow, liver and nervous system.
  • Ammonia – irritating to the skin, eyes and lungs.
  • Chlorine – irritating to the skin, eyes and lungs.
  • Ethanolamines – irritating to the skin, eyes and lungs.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - skin irritant, eye irritant, potential cancer causer.

Why "Green" Cleaning Products May NOT Necessarily be Green!

As more and more consumers are learning about the dangers of the products they use in their homes, "green" environmentally friendly options have sparked an industry revolution with a growing number of companies offering their own versions of eco-friendly cleaners. Some examples are Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Simple Green, and Purex Natural Elements.
Unfortunately, the terms "green" and "natural" are nothing more than marketing terms; they're not rigid well accepted scientific terms, and they do not automatically equate to safety. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who is even slightly familiar with how multinational corporations use marketing to manipulate the image of their products.
If you want a real treat, please pick up and read a highly recommended book on this subject called Subliminal Persuasion: Influence & Marketing Secrets They Don't Want You To Know. This book reveals the systematic techniques used to form opinions or ideologies, in ways that we never suspect. Multinational corporations, like big drug companies, are using these techniques all the time to deceive you.
Many large corporations are chomping at the bit, eager to reach into the wallets of modern, environmentally concerned consumers searching for green alternatives to the toxic stew of chemicals found in conventional cleaning products. "Green" cleaning products are a growing niche market, with green cleaning product U.S. sales totaling $100 million in 2010.
But most "green" cleaning products like Simple Green are still loaded with glycol ethers, which are anything but good for your health when inhaled or when they touch your skin. Folks, the simple truth is that if a substance cuts through grease and dirt any faster than soap and water, then there are chemicals in there that most likely aren't very good for your health.

Why Glycol Ethers are BAD for You

Glycol ether is a generic term for over thirty solvents derived from crude oil, all with different properties, which are used in applications ranging from paints to inks to degreasing agents and cleaning products. Generally speaking, glycol ethers are hazardous when they get on your skin or when they get in your lungs. This is especially true with cleaning products, which are often applied indoors and without proper ventilation.
The glycol ether named ethylene glycol monoethyl ether may be linked to lower sperm count in men, and has caused low birth weight and reproductive abnormalities in animal studies. Pregnant women and small children in particular should avoid expose to glycol ethers, as these groups are more susceptible to damage.

Reading the Labels Won't Always Help

I always advocate reading the labels on the foods and cleaning products you buy, but in the case of household cleaners even the most meticulous eye for labels won't get you very far.
Because many of the most dangerous chemicals will not even be on the label. The manufacturers have conveniently lobbied the government to exempt them from this requirement and can omit any ingredient that is considered a secret formula from its label. Many of these non-disclosed ingredients are actually toxic and carcinogenic.
Household goods are still very much an unregulated market. And, cleaning product manufacturers -- even those that claim to be "green" -- are not required by law to disclose all of their ingredients on their labels. So while it's still better to read the label than not, be aware that a lack of ingredient on a label doesn't necessarily mean it's not in the product!

How to Clean and Sanitize Without Harmful Chemicals

Some common household items, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can get the job done just as well -- sometimes even better -- than their toxic counterparts. Here's a simple starter list of what you need to make your own natural cleaning products:
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Liquid castile soap
  • Organic essential oils (optional)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Spray bottles
  • Micro fiber cloths
For a great video on how to use these ingredients and other tips for cleaning your home without hazardous chemicals, please review the article: How to Keep Your Home Clean Naturally. For example, vinegar combined with hydrogen peroxide works exceptionally well as both a disinfectant and sanitizer.
Cleaning mirrors and windows is as easy as adding a quarter-cup of white vinegar per quart of water. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the mixture if windows or mirrors are really dirty, but be very careful not to use any that contain harmful antibacterial substances.
Most people know that baking soda is an ideal means to absorb odors in your refrigerator, but did you know it's also a real powerhouse when it comes to cleaning?

Are All Jews Evil? I Hope Not. I'm Partly Jewish.

If the red indians decided they wanted say the island of manhatten back, or wanted to return to some such territory taken from them,  and claimed god had promised the land to them, the claim would be thrown out and they would get short shrift from the senate and everyone else, and if they used violence to take over this land then they would have the world against them, so why does the senate and the world turn a blind eye to Jews going to Palestine and calling
it israel and murdering the inhabitants ?
The idea that Jews came from here and were promised the land back by god is ridiculous,
where is gods documentation ? proof of this gift ? evidence ? lets see some backup info ?
and most jews are usually Ashkenazi or Sephardic,  and in the main are not descended from the middle east at all so how can they say this land belongs to them ?
and if they can then, then the red indians can too and Manhattan cannot be proved to not have been promised to them by god, and if god said you can have this land did he also say yes come and steal from and kill all the resident peoples ?
So we have no right to stop the red indians from moving in and killing the American residents and taking the land and its resources.
So jews may well claim this kind of talk is antisemitic, but if the bulk of jews are not from the Middle East
then they are not semitic peoples, the real semitic people must be the Palestinians, so if its true that god promised the land to the semitic peoples its clearly not the jews is it ?
Now why are homosexuals being called gay ?
the reason is because Jews call non jews goy, which means an animal,
and a guy is a non jew male animal,
so a gay is a homosexual man, homosexuality is being fostered and encouraged as part of the depopulation programme,  as high numbers of jews are homosexuals, the law against pedophiles is also being eased, as the old
jewish laws on Talmud etc say a jew can bugger a goy child and its not a crime, so as the jews now own America Britian etc, these laws are gradually slowly coming into place.
So if you think Jews are gods chosen people, look up operation cast lead and see what they did, see the attacks on the food aid convoys, see what Bernie Madoff and his mates did while sending the money to Israel,
and if these really are gods people, which god is it ? because its certainly not one we know
N.PatelDoctors Against Racism
TAP - I wrote the headline.

Youtube Strips Sound Out Of Nigel Farage Video. Break Up The Euro And Restore Human Dignity.ak

They obviously didn't like what he had to say, the sound has been cut. 
It was working yesterday. this is obvious meddling as I have rechecked the Link & sound has been cut.

Hereis another link onsame issue & they have cut sound on it too.


Here is a Transcript


VIDEO: Nigel Farage Explains Why Greece Needs a Floating Drachma
Thursday, May 24, 2012 – by Staff Report
President, we're in the midst of an economic and increasingly humanitarian crisis and yet Commission president Barroso is not here. Indeed, Herman van Rompuy is not here either. Not that it really matters, because they're not prepared to listen to any debate or any argument. They're intent on pursuing their political dream of a United States of Europe. They're prepared to commit economic suicide for an entire continent. – YouTube

I have found one with sound that works.


REGARDS ....... WASP  Sound put back. Maybe realising censorship can be counteproductive...maybe!

Chemtrails At Dawn

Yesterday I said the sky was chemtrail free. This morning I went out a few moments ago at 3.30 am. The sky is already dimly lit from the approaching sun. I can see long straight white clouds overhead. The ones towards the sun are unmistakably chemtrails, while the ones overhead are too hard to see clearly without a bit more light. The bastards are chemtrailing at night.

They cleared from view by 6 am when most normal people surface.  I can see some still being dumped due north from here though.  The daytime shift is still at it, just like before I left the UK last, two months ago.  Yet now it's approaching the longest day, you can see there's a nightshift at work too.

Are You Living Like A Hamster On A Wheel?

Video by Max Igan

 How powerful is a social meme?

 The control over the belief of society is the control over the members of that society. The means by which control is exerted means less than the strength of the control. By tapping into our base needs, humanity is more easily forced into this “hamster on a wheel” existence. We are completely out of sync with our environment.

We are too busy keeping up with the conditions set forth before us to question why we need any of this at all. A social meme is the dictator that runs society alone for a social meme transfers the burden of oversight to the one that is controlled. This amazing film explains just how insidious and overwhelmingly power our social memes are. And the methodology by which we “freely choose” to pursue the life that is dictated to us from birth. The Video parts run consecutively

 REGARDS .............. WASP TAP - The crisis is in ourselves. It's not an economic one. Not to do with war. It's the social conditioning that we live within. How much do we really know about the past? Books all copy earlier books. Knowledge about our past is fragmented and mysterious. By ignoring the printed page, and examining other evidence, a different picture emerges.

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Subliminal Messaging

Hi Tap     
I've just come across a couple of short videos on YT about subliminal messages.  They have been made and presented by a very ordinary sort of guy in a knitted hat!  I found them very interesting amusing and enlightening.
I didn't realise the extent in terms of manipulation advertisers and others stoop to in order to sell their products.   I wish I could send you a proper link.  But as you probably know by now 'links' don't seem to be my thing.   The title of the videos is 'Subliminal Messages, Subliminal Messaging, Subliminal Images'  they are a little risqué  so I'll understand if you don't think they are suitable for your web-site.        


TAP - big (subliminal) hug for the first reader to locate the link.

Here's the opposite to subliminal messaging, giving it to the face.

WASP writes -

Hi tap, here is another one for you.

Nigel Farage Lays It On The Line.

UKIP Nigel Farage - Break up the euro and restore human dignity - 22nd May 2012 


REGARDS ......... WASP

Smartphones - The Thief In Your Pocket

T Mobile Profiting From Smartphone Fraud Got back at last!  Thought I'd try my mobile which has been dead for weeks.  Called the operator T Mobile and got the happy news that my account stood at GBP3,600!!!!!

As I hardly ever use the thing, and I never click yes to the requests for roaming, which get sent as you land in all foreign countries, this new statement of the account was somewhat of a shock.

Globe Telecom, the trusty partner of T Mobile acting for them in the Philippines,  sent me numerous roaming requests,  which I always refuse as I land in all countries I visit. (Everyone sends them packing, as the charges are outrageous).  Yet Globe must have represented to T Mobile that this was not the case, and fraudulently assured them I had assented to being ripped off for information I can get for nothing via my PC and laptop.

I pointed out to T- Mobile that they were now proposing to charge me GBP 3,600 as a party to a fraud committed by their Philippine partners.  I have had the phone on many previous trips and on no occasion did I agree to Globe's requests.  Nor would I.  I assume that just ignoring them, they would go away, as they always had in the past.

I might have wondered, though, as on an earlier contract I had formed with Globe, they had lied outright about the download speeds of their internet connection.   I cancelled within less than an hour after realising I'd been duped, and it took nearly a year to get my money back, which required answering to several threatening letters from various lawyers demanding a year's payment for services not recieved.

T Mobile must know that their Philippine partners operate to Filipino business practices.   I will be getting rid of their phone and the contract at the earliest possible moment.  Who needs a Smartphone anyway.  With the risk of crooks moving in on them, they are a liability.  You can get everything you need without them easily enough. Overall smartphones have become the opposite of what they could have been. A device which could be a useful servant has become the thief you keep in your pocket. They track your movements, listen in on your conversations and send all your private stuff to a centrally controlled database. They are also used to defraud by the very phone companies who should be working to assist you defeat the fraudsters. For me, it's text only from hereon, whatever the outcome of T-Mobile's internal enquiry to assess what's happened here.

GLOBE Telecom, Philippines, 26th March message -

Stay logged on to Globe, the Philippine network, with the worldwidest coverage!  Go to SETTINGS and MANUALLY SELECT Globe.  For assistance, call +6327301212

TAP - If I had supposedly logged a request to roam with Globe, why were they requesting me to log on with them?  T-Mobile took GBP 500 from my bank account in March, which I didn't notice.  Then allowed the account to run up a further GBP3600.  On a phone I wasn't using.  As I say, fraud.  I would never ask Globe anything, and certainly not to roam.  They are the most dishonest people I have yet met in any company I've ever dealt with.  Now, come on, T Mobile.  I think you had better sort this out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Doctors Lie To You To make Profits For Pharmaceutical Companies

By Dr. Mercola
How far will companies go to ensure they continue making money on products that make you sick? Answer: No extreme is too extreme, including bold-faced lying, if it means keeping the bucks rolling in.
This article will cover an assortment of examples of how you're being deceived by four of the largest industries the chemical, biotech, pharmaceutical, and processed food industry.

Lies, Damn Lies!

One of the biggest lies that toxic chemical companies have told so far includes the heart-wrenching stories of babies dying agonizing deaths in fires. Throwing integrity out the window, the company hired professional experts to lie as they were not under oath. The babies didn't actually die―in fact, they never even existed.
The Chicago Tribune learned this recently when it wanted to know more about a 7-week-old baby who a burn doctor testified as having died in agony because she was on a pillow that lacked flame retardantsi. Lo and behold, the entire story was a fabrication, from beginning to end. It turns out other tiny patients the doctor had described in testimony supporting toxic flame retardant materials didn't exist either.
According to the Chicago Tribune:
"... [Dr. David] Heimbach's passionate testimony about the baby's death made the long-term health concerns about flame retardants voiced by doctors, environmentalists and even firefighters sound abstract and petty. But there was a problem with his testimony: It wasn't true.
Records show there was no dangerous pillow or candle fire. The baby he described didn't exist. Neither did the 9-week-old patient who Heimbach told California legislators died in a candle fire in 2009. Nor did the 6-week-old patient who he told Alaska lawmakers was fatally burned in her crib in 2010.
Heimbach is not just a prominent burn doctor. He is a star witness for the manufacturers of flame retardants. His testimony, the Tribune found, is part of a decades-long campaign of deception that has loaded the furniture and electronics in American homes with pounds of toxic chemicals linked to cancer, neurological deficits, developmental problems and impaired fertility.
The tactics started with Big Tobacco, which wanted to shift focus away from cigarettes as the cause of fire deaths, and continued as chemical companies worked to preserve a lucrative market for their products, according to a Tribune review of thousands of government, scientific and internal industry documents.
These powerful industries distorted science in ways that overstated the benefits of the chemicals, created a phony consumer watchdog group that stoked the public's fear of fire and helped organize and steer an association of top fire officials that spent more than a decade campaigning for their cause..."
Unfortunately, these lies do not just result in profits for the chemical industry it may not otherwise have enjoyed. These lies directly impact and harm your health, and the health of your children—children who, contrary to the infants in Dr. Heimbach's fantasy drama, are very much alive and dependent on adults to make appropriate decisions.
According to Patricia Callahan and Sam Roe, reporters with the Chicago Tribune, between 1970 and 2004, blood levels of certain flame retardant chemicals doubled in American adults every two to five years, and American infants are born with the highest levels of these chemicals in their systems of any other nation on the planet. Why? Because of lies that tug at heart strings rather than provide evidence of safety and effectiveness of the chemical in question.

Health Hazards of Flame Retardant Chemicals Abound...

Incredibly, certain common flame retardants, such as PBDEs, have been detected in the blood of up to 97 percent of U.S. residents, at levels that are 20 times higher than those of Europeans. Californians have some of the highest exposures due to the state's strict flammability laws.
Research has shown that pregnant women with higher blood levels of PBDEs, a common class of flame retardants, have altered thyroid hormone levels -- a fact that could have implications for fetal health.
PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, are organobromine compounds now found in household items such as carpets, electronics and plastics, and these chemicals are known to accumulate in human fat cells. Although the mechanics of how PBDEs affect your thyroid are still unclear, it is believed that PBDE chemicals mimic your thyroid hormones.
Another study published two years ago found an inverse link between exposure to fire retardant chemicals and the time it takes for exposed women to become pregnantii. Higher exposures were associated with decreased fertility.
PBDEs are also showing up in breast milk, and in various foods, including wild fish, and in the sewage sludge being applied as fertilizer on food crops across the U.S. This is yet another tragic case where lack of foresight and safety testing has turned out to have very significant, "unanticipated" human and environmental health risks.

Do Flame Retardants Even Work?

Making matters worse, it appears the science does not even support the industry's claims of effectiveness, so the health risks you're exposing yourself and your children to are not even for a valid cause! According to the Chicago Tribune:
"People might be willing to accept the health risks if the flame retardants packed into sofas and easy chairs worked as promised. But they don't. The chemical industry often points to a government study from the 1980s as proof that flame retardants save lives. But the study's lead author, Vytenis Babrauskas, said in an interview that the industry has grossly distorted his findings and that the amount of retardants used in household furniture doesn't work. "The fire just laughs at it," he said. Other government scientists subsequently found that the flame retardants in household furniture don't protect consumers from fire in any meaningful way."

Biotech—An Industry Built on "Adjustable Truths"

Another flaming example of a corporate giant that gets caught lying again and again is Monsanto which, in 2009, was found guilty by France's highest court of false advertising for claims that its toxic weed killer Roundup is biodegradable and leaves "the soil clean."
The French court noted that Roundup's main ingredient, glyphosate, is dangerous for the environment and toxic for aquatic organisms. But that's just one example of the lies Monsanto tells to keep on selling its products; this company has a long history of fraudulent statements about the safety of Roundup. They long used the slogans, "It's Safer than Mowing," "Biodegradable," and "Environmentally Friendly" to describe Roundup -- until the real effects of this toxic herbicide were revealed and they were forced to discontinue their deceptive advertising.
Monsanto—who is in the convicted liar's club—has unfortunately managed to work its way into a large number of high-level federal regulatory positions in the U.S. government; many of which are positions meant to protect your food safety!
Furthermore, the entire biotech industry is built on half-truths and claims that are largely unsupported by independent scientific reviews. The following video discusses and dispels some of these falsehoods.

Big Pharma Still Leads the Pack of Convicted Liars

But the chemical and biotech industries certainly do not have a monopoly on using dirty tactics to maintain and increase market share and boost profits. This honor probably goes to the pharmaceutical industry, which, in terms of dollars and cents, is more powerful than 168 individual nations on this planet. Just consider the ramifications of these statistics for a moment... As of 2009, the global market for pharmaceuticalsiii was worth more than $837 billion, and is expected to reach $1.1 TRILLION in 2014.
If Big Pharma's annual global market was compared to the GDP—the market value of all the output produced in a nation in one year—then Big Pharma would rank # 15 on a list of 183 nationsivThat's how BIG the pharmaceutical industry is!
Americans are disproportionally supporting this behemoth of an industry. Americans, including children, are the most drugged people in the entire world, with the average adult taking 11 prescription drugs—each of which comes with an average of 70 different potential side effects that are then typically addressed with yet more drugs...
Direct-to-consumer advertising has played a major role in turning the U.S. into a nation of over-medicated people with the most expensive health care in the world, while continuously dropping in life expectancy and other health indexes.
If you believe their advertisements, Big Pharma has a fix for just about any physiological condition you can think of. Most of these fixes come in the form of expensive prescriptions ordered by your doctor—that's why the ads usually suggest that you ask your doctor if the product they're promoting "would be right for you."
It's a subliminal message that makes you your own drug peddler, and it's a profoundly successful strategy. In a recent AlterNet article, Jim Hightower discusses how direct-to-consumer advertising—which about 30 years ago wasn't allowed in the U.S.—carries a major responsibility for having created a drugged-up Americav. He rightfully points out that since lifting the ban on direct-to-consumer advertising "America's healthcare system has radically metamorphosed from a public service network (largely run by independent physicians and nonprofit hospitals) into a corporate profit machine."
The situation has gotten so out of hand that a renowned former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Arnold Relman, is accusing drug makers of creating an epidemic that's endangering public health, jacking up healthcare costs, and weakening the curative connection between health professionals and patients.

Fukushima Update. How Much Threat? For How Long?

Hi Tap, I believe the development, & use  of the Atomic Bomb opened 'PANDORAS BOX',  the production of Nuclear Power, opened it even further. THE  WORLD WIDE PROLIFERATION, OF  ATOMIC ENERGY PLANTS had consequences, far more devastating than anyone could possibly have imagined - the rest is now History.

I don't agree with Fulford's Assessment from some weeks back regarding comments on radiation, its a wast of time using Geiger Counters. that is why I am sending you this article.




In the first week after Fukushima, this physicist genius called for a massive international effort to bury the entire nuclear complex to protect as much as possible the human race from nuclear contamination.

“Tepco utility people are outclassed and overwhelmed and should be removed from their positions and that we would see increases in leukemias and thyroid cancers from the massive amounts of radioactive iodine being released.”

Now he is weighing in with the threat from the spent-fuel pool in reactor building No. 4 in focus saying,
 “People don’t realize that the Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge; it’s near the tipping point. A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion could tip it over and we could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. It’s like a sleeping dragon"

Kaku explains that just in the last few weeks it has been reported to some degree that Units 2, 3 and 4 have been shown to be in a very dire situation.

Unit 2 is completely liquefied, something that’s never been seen in the history of nuclear power, a 100% liquefaction of a uranium core. Unit 4, on the other hand, has an even worse problem as it’s a spent-fuel pond that is totally uncovered because of a hydrogen explosion that took place last year.

The issue of planetary contamination is more important than the economic crisis the media is covering, which threatens to go into its own kind of meltdown.

Economies grow and collapse as civilizations rise and fall. There have always been the good times when life is sweet and the bad times when human savages must have their wars or when Nature decides to have her way with us or when the elite bankers’ monetary games run through their cycles.

What are our chances of this nuclear nightmare going away?

Things are so bad at Fukushima that,
“Humans cannot come close to certain parts of the reactor site and even robots get fried. They’re delicate machinery; their micro-circuitry cannot withstand the intense bombardment of radiation,” reports Kaku.
And yesterday, Sunday the 20th, we read:


While all of this is happening the controlled media is silent. They prefer to let us know about snakes in Walmart rather than about the terrible threat from Japan and from all other nuclear power stations that have been built on top of fault lines, which are now being threatened with increasing seismic activity. So many of the world’s reactors have been built on fault lines—you really have to start wondering about the intelligence of the human race.

This media silence is a devastating one—so much so that if described properly it would curdle one’s soul. It is so disgusting that the only image that compares is the Nazi gas chamber, but this one is big enough for 40 million people. The elite are allowing the people of Tokyo’s greater metropolis area to fry their cells in a nuclear inferno. Well, “where are they going to go anyway?” is no excuse for not informing us accurately on what we have to weather in terms of nuclear contamination.


We Were in Trouble Anyway
Without enough money, the nuclear industry will destroy the human race because there is no way on this side of the Milky Way they can store nuclear waste and no way to mothball old nuclear reactors.

Chernobyl already needs a new protection building that will easily cost one or two billion dollars - money that will be hard to come by.

Some people may recall in the movie Planet of the Apes—the original one where Charlton Heston finds out he is on earth and that mankind had destroyed itself—he sees the Statue of Liberty stuck in the sand. We might reach that state for a number of reasons but the one that is staring down on us particularly hard at this moment is Fukushima. The No. 4 reactor building that houses spent-fuel pool No. 4 is leaning, cracking and falling apart due to the almost constant earthquakes,[1] open-air radiation releases, and the weight of the water in the pool, which sits high up in the air on the third floor, leaving humanity Hanging by a Thread.

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It has taken a year but finally “a U.S. Senator finally got off his ass and went to Japan to see what is going on over there. What he saw was horrific. Reactor No. 4 building is on the verge of collapsing. Seismicity standards rate the building at a zero, meaning even a small earthquake could send it into a heap of rubble. And sitting at the top of the building, in a pool that is cracked, leaking, and precarious even without an earthquake, are 1,565 fuel rods.” If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire that could wipe out most of the northern hemisphere; certainly it would be a massive civilization-breaking event.

After an onsite tour of what remains of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear facilities, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a senior member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, sent a letter to Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki saying, “The scope of damage to the plants and to the surrounding area was far beyond what I expected. The precarious status of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats should be of concern to all and a focus of greater international support and assistance.”


Daiichi Reactor building 4 and exposed fuel poolImage source: Asahi Shimbun
The vital and important static maps based on real time tabulations of the Norwegian Institute of Air Research pertaining to potential releases of radiation from the Fukushima plant were closed down soon after they showed the northern hemisphere was covered with radioactive xenon. The Atmospheric and Climate Change Department at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) gave no reason why the vital monitoring service had been discontinued.........

The chances of the building falling due to another major earthquake is high. People have been grossly misinformed about the tragedy at Fukushima and its consequences. There is a continuing cover up, the reactors have not been stabilized, and radiation continues to be released. Fukushima and reactor No. 4’s spent-nuclear-fuel pool are threatening the world.


MOX Plutonium Fuel
The mixed oxide fuel (MOX) reactor[2], which burns with plutonium/uranium, is more deadly than those burning on uranium-enriched fuel, according to nuclear experts. The half-life of plutonium-239 in MOX is 24,000 years and just a few milligrams of P-239 escaping in a smoke plume will contaminate soil for tens of thousands of years. A single milligram (mg) of MOX is as deadly as 2,000,000 mg of normal enriched uranium meaning that one mg of MOX is basically two million times more powerful than one mg of uranium. If even a small amount of this potent substance escapes from the plant in a smoke plume, the particles will travel with the wind and contaminate soil for tens of thousands of years.
Ray Guilmette of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements said that plutonium “is thousands of times more radioactive than uranium,” if absorbed into the body.
Donald Olander, professor emeritus of nuclear engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, said that because plutonium decays quickly, it produces radiation that can kill cells in the body more quickly. But the plutonium itself would pose a severe threat only if it was involved in a violent reaction that turned it into dust particles that could be inhaled. No one knows the exact number but plenty of the fuel rods at risk are MOX, thus containing deadly plutonium. If that blows up then we might end up wishing we had had a nuclear war instead.

Actually they did not stop their work. Thereafter they continued publishing but with a secret file name Zardoz,[2] which is the name of a movie where Sean Connery played a mutant on a nuclear-contaminated world in the far future. He was employed by an elite class of people who lived in a protected dome to go out and kill other mutants who lived in the exposed environment. Is this the future coming to us today? One has to assume that this is exactly what they are previewing and why they chose that file name. The Norwegian Institute just published a report stating that the Fukushima disaster released twice as much radiation as initially estimated.  ...............

As the news worsens from Japan we hear that the FDA has a problem declaring or warning people that artificial food colorings could be dangerous to your health. The Food and Drug Administration concluded long ago that there was no definitive link between the colorings and behavior or health problems, “and the agency is unlikely to change its mind any time soon.”

Things have gotten real nasty out there in the first world in terms of pollution and just about everything else Yet the cover-up continues. We continue to hear everything is all right and there is nothing we can do to help ourselves and our children maintain our good health with the increasing nuclear storm that is arising all around us. Authorities are totally out of their league in dealing with catastrophes of a nuclear origin and they are getting caught with their pants down.

Orthodox contemporary medicine cannot bear the humiliation of being wrong about how medicine should be practiced in the face of toxic threats. It is really too bad that it is impotent as an institution and worse. Allopathic medicine is totally caught in a web of its own choosing, sponsoring what can only be called pharmaceutical terrorism with their own use of highly dangerous and toxic drugs as well as radiation for their diagnosis and treatment of disease.

They are not exactly the ones we can trust to help us cope effectively or even measure what is and what is not a safe toxicity. It’s the “all is safe” boys who are the most dangerous people in society today and of course we all know that Obama has officially gone on record as being part of this crowd. At least Obama fanatics can go back to sleep since there is nothing to worry about as radiation falls at increased levels all around them

So tainted is the government in this regard that we are even starting to hear obscene reports that the EPA is thinking of raising the levels of radiation that are to be considered safe. This is truly hard to believe because it would be such an obvious move in the face of the nuclear disaster in Japan that is already sending nuclear fallout to all of America. After decades in the nuclear age they are suddenly going to change definitions of toxicity?

Bad News on the 30th of March

The radioactive core in a reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant appears to have melted through the bottom of its containment vessel and on to a concrete floor, experts are saying, raising fears of a major release of radiation at the site. The warning follows an analysis by a leading U.S. expert of radiation levels at the plant. Readings from reactor two at the site have been made public by the Japanese authorities and Tepco, the utility that operates it.

Richard Lahey, who was head of safety research for boiling-water reactors at General Electric when the company installed the units at Fukushima, told the Guardian that at least part of the molten core, which includes melted fuel rods and zirconium alloy cladding, seemed to have sunk through the steel “lower head” of the pressure vessel around reactor no. 2. “The indications we have, from the reactor to radiation readings and the materials they are seeing, suggest that the core has melted through the bottom of the pressure vessel in unit two, and at least some of it is down on the floor of the drywell,” Lahey said.

Dr. Michio Kaku said, “The three most feared words in the lexicon of a nuclear scientist is ‘breach of containment,’ i.e. an uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment. It appears that we may be seeing this dreaded event unfolding in Japan.” He also said on the 28th that, “Radiation levels are 1,000 milliseverts/hour. This means that workers will come down with radiation sickness with only15 minutes of exposure. Some workers will die after 6 hours of exposure. The meaning of all this is: if radiation levels continue to rise, and one day all workers are forced to evacuate, the accident will be in free fall.” Dr. Kaku called for an immediate entombment of the plant after the disaster began.  Now it might be too late for that and will take too long to do it.

And in fact today Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said that it was highly likely that the stricken reactors at the radiation-leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northern Japan would be scrapped.Setbacks continue to mount with nearby seawater testing at its highest radiation levels yet. Radiation leaking from the plant has seeped into the soil and seawater nearby and made its way into produce, raw milk and even tap water as far as Tokyo, 140 miles (220 kilometers) to the south as it simultaneously makes its way all around the northern hemisphere.  ...........

Radiation in American Milk
More bad news for people in the northern hemisphere, which according to officials is not bad news at all.The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration say that radiation levels of radioactive Iodine-131 has turned up in a sample of milk from Washington State. But federal officials say consumers should not worry.The dosages set by the FDA, including levels set for infants and children have not been breached by a long shot. So don’t worry! Drink your slightly contaminated milk!

Chris Martenson writes,“Aftershocks that may result from the world’s third largest economy, Japan is rapidly shifting from an exporter of funding to a consumer of it. In situations like these, we are by definition operating with incomplete and often confusinginformation, and events are developing more rapidly than they can be fully analyzed and internalized. Major world-changing events are now underway and your personal preparations for an uncertain future should either be completed or take on a new sense of urgency.” On the basis of the information contained here and in the past two days of posts, I am personally ratcheting up my preparations, making purchases, and topping off what needs to be topped off.
In this video we see actual maps of radiation flow and it is very apparent that millions of people in the direct path of the radiation should be purchasing and using items for detoxification and chelation of atomic nucleoids. This is a must-see video that you should see to the end for it shows without doubt where the radiation clouds are going.
Dr. David Lochbaum, a nuclear safety expert from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), an independent scientific research-based environmental advocacy group, said, “We have to use a disclaimer that no level of radiation is safe, because the scientific consensus is that there’s no threshold to the carcinogenic effect of radiation.” Of course he too goes on to say that the levels that every Geiger counter can pick up, that scientific consensus claims is officially not safe, actually is safe and not a threat to public safety. You would think they would be smart enough to get their story straight but that seems overly difficult for mainstream people to do
Hence there could be some typos in it.

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