Thursday, August 30, 2012

The martyrdom of a brave British whistleblower

Seems their is a lot of disinformation being broadcast about Andrea Davison. What is sure is that she was an arms investigator and upset the last COnservative Government together with mainstream journlaists like Pete Sawyer, David Lowery and Kevin Cahill. She also caused the downfall of Johnathen Aitken. She was convicted in July of several minor charges of fraud where no-one actually lost any money. They even charged her with stealing her own passport from the passport office because it had the wrong date on it Wierd or what! SHe won a lible action against the Palestine Telegraph. Also won against Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden who were publishing she was guilty of fraud for about two years and all through her trial. No-one tried to stop them publishing this. Wierd when other people are sent to jail for contempt of court in these circumstances. 

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Poor lady