Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GM Foods. Beautiful Theory. Nightmare Reality.

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Picked up a couple of articles which I feel are worthy of mention by
"The fact is that we're not making any more land. If we're going to
feed a growing population, raise the poorest out of poverty and
address these problems of food security, then in some cases GM may
actually be the answer. We've got to look for a significant and
sustainable intensification of agriculture".
"If we get it right, if we capture this opportunity, then we could
really see the UK benefit. If we get it wrong then we'll see museum
agriculture in Europe for the next 20 years".

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Anonymous said...

Read this the other day (can't verify the truth of it)

It would cost $38 billion to feed the world for a year.

The military of the world spends $38 billion every eight days...

Here's something that you may not have seen regarding the Olympics:
London Secure?

It's the 2nd hour part (can be listened too as well).

Anonymous said...

Maybe your USA readers will appreciate this recent program:-

Banned Episode: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones && - Police State


Anonymous said...

The correction to the second article now points out the grass is not GM. So could have happened anywhere in nature.

Anonymous said...

Prussic acid is simply an alternative name for hydrogen cyanide. It's a liquid that boils and becomes a vapor (cyanide gas) a little below most mammals' body temperature. If a plant produces "prussic acid", it becomes hydrogen cyanide gas on warming after ingestion.

Tapestry said...

See earlier posts and youtube where farm animals are made sterile from eating GM foods.