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Iraq Is Oil. Kosovo Is Coal.

The regime in Kosovo is one of the ugliest, with its politicians involved in war crimes, the trade in human organs, the trafficking of women and supply of hard drugs, a mafia state set up by the EU and NATO.  That's all fine as just like the Iraq war, Kosovo was never about justice.  It's about the same old game -  controlling the world's energy reserves.  .

Global Research - Summing up the reasons for NATO’s war, one mine director told Times’ reporter Chris Hedges: “The war in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else. This is Serbia’s Kuwait–the heart of Kosovo. We export to France, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia and Belgium.
“We export to a firm in New York, but I would prefer not to name it. And in addition to all this Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves.

Nathaniel Rothschild is building up a vast worldwide coal empire.  I wonder if he's the customer in New York, mentioned above.  The references below indicate that the Rothschilds are involved in the takeover of Kosovo, and its seizure from Serbia..;wap2

Latest On Vaccines. Wakefield Vindicated.

MMR vaccine is crippling children.  End of story.
Every one a needless tragedy.

Internet Kill Switch Brings Mubarak To Negotiating Table.

Gunboat diplomacy gave way to cruise missile.  Now the weapon of choice for loading political pressure onto undesirable governments is the internet kill-switch.  Empty ATMs are just one result.

The campaign in Egypt to fell Mubarak runs on day after day, but it just got interesting.  The internet and the broadcasters are down, and the army is on the streets, and now the latest Rockefeller dirty tactic is being deployed - bringing the country's cash machines to a grinding halt.

The OWG has discovered a weapon more powerful than the aircraft carrier, the cruise missile or assassination - killing the internet.  What better way to close down a country than to kill communications, empty the cash system and prevent the supply of money.  The Army won't have any countermeasures against the ensuing chaos.

From PB comments

iainmartinwsj Iain Martin
BBC reports Egyptian banking system seizing up, cash machines empty, banks running out of money. They need to call in Gordon Brown… #egypt

Senator Joe Lieberman 'the internet is a dangerous place'

Greece 'Reschedules'. It Used To Be Called Default

Remember the shocked tones in which the Latin American loan defaults were reported in the media in the 1980s.  You'd think the sky had fallen in.  There was a reason why that was, of course, which I'll mention at the end of this post.

The amazing thing is that exactly the same deal is being done to help Greece get out of her financial problems, but does the word 'default' appear anywhere?  No, it doesn't.

Open Europe -

It is widely reported that a deal on restructuring Greek debt could be imminent with EU officials in Athens to discuss the issue. The scheme being discussed is three pronged: firstly it would see Greece borrow another €50bn from the European Financial Stability Facility. Secondly it would see Greece use the EFSF to buy back bonds at between 65% - 75% of their nominal value from the ECB and private bondholders. Thirdly the plan would see the maturity of the bail-out loans extended by 30 years. In return, Greece would need to impose further austerity measures, specifically introducing a cap on its budget deficit into its constitution. If adopted the scheme is expected to re-profile two thirds of Greece’s €330bn debt by the end of the year. It has been compared to the Brady plan which rescued Latin America from bankruptcy in the 1980s.

Why was it said to be the end of the world in the 1980s when Latin America defaulted?

Wall St had done a deal with the Arabs, you remember, Sheikh Yamani and the Oil Crisis, where the Arabs were persuaded to lift the oil price by four times overnight.  That's a nice deal, you might think, if you're an oil producer, if not so good for people filling their fuel tanks.  

There was a deal done though, whereby the Arabs agreed to recycle all the cash surplus back into the banking system, all the money earned by agreeing to lift the oil price to be placed in US Government 30 Year Treasuries.  This was also a nice enough deal, on the face of it, for the Arabs.

What they weren't told was that all the money was being paid into a Holding Company in the USA, and from there lent on to Third World countries, who were persuaded, or in  some cases, bribed to take out massive debts which they could never repay.  If the Presidents wouldn't take out the debts, they were moved on, either by political agitation, as in Egypt this week, or by assassination.

President Magsaysay of the Philippines, for example, rejected the offer to take out big loans.  His airoplane crashed and he was killed.  Marcos was then 'elected', and he was up for borrowing billions, which he did.  The money was soon frittered away, and he needed some more, as he couldn't meet his obligations.  But when he heard the terms of the new loans, he was shocked.  He was asked to sign over all the Philippines' natural resources in perpetuity, and to abandon the independence of the Peso, linking it to the US Dollar.

He refused to do so, and the People Power revolution was set up by the CIA, and he too was moved on.  The next CIA-intended President Ninoy Aquino, was murdered coming down the airoplane steps as he returned from exile, his return assisted by the Americans.  His wife, Corazon, became the next President in his place.  His son, Noynoy won the election last year, and is the current President of the country.  Signing up with the OWG pays big dividends in the Third World for the corrupt politicians at the top.  For the poor millions, however, things are not so good.

The point of this long story is that when the Third World countries defaulted on their loans, the Arabs, who had lent the money on the artificially jacked up price of oil, were informed that the Holding Company had lost its assets and it was made insolvent.  The filthy rich Arabs lost all their money.  It was essential to ham the Latin American default up in the media so the Arabs didn't realise they'd been conned into paying for the vast expansion of the OWG empire, or rather western motorists had done so.

As for Greece's bondholders being offered 65%, that's just for tasters.  The losses can only get bigger from here.  In conventional terms, it is a default.  But unlike the situation in Latin America, this time your attention is not required.  Though more power is accruing to the OWG, as this time, developed countries are being enslaved by debt, their political systems neutralised and their economies subsumed. 

How do I know these things.  I listened to this fella -

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What's Going On In Arab North Africa?

Mubarak served his purpose, acting as a OWG stooge throughout thirty years.  But political control systems are getting more sophisticated now.  The preferred way to 'democracy' is not missile and bomb as in Iraq, but internet campaigns designed in Washington DC.

No doubt the 'democratic' delusion has its prepared leaders acceptable to the OWG waiting in the wings, people who have been trained in the manipulation of democracies. The OWG see that it’s cheaper and more effective to run false democracies than repressive dictatorships.
Tunisia and Egypt (and others no doubt) are going through a managed political upgrade.

Business will be better too, once the people imagine themselves living in a free society.  The depopulation programme can be more easily put into effect whereby millions will either not be born, or die prematurely through the use of vaccines, food and water supply 'modification'.
The revolutions are being fed by Freedom House based in Washington DC via the internet.  This claims to be spreading democracy, but we already know what they mean by democracy -  total loss of freedom as parties are managed, elections rigged and debts ramped up.  But for as long as the people believe that they are free, suppression on the QT is so much cheaper.

Mubarak and others are on the 'to go' list.  That much is obvious.  They've served their purpose.

Webster Tarpley explains in this video -

Wikileaks that the CIA were trying to remove Mubarak three years ago.  He's had plenty of time to prepare for this mob rule attack on his regime.

Tarpley says that the CIA are behind the Egyptian riots.  Mubarak has not done enough to assist the UN, initiatives against Iran, and is not appealing to the Egyptian young nihilists.  If the army and the Police continue to support Mubarak, and the internet remains switched off, Mubarak might survive.  If the Army takes over, it would merely be a new Mubarak.

If the old style 'people power' demonstration doesn't work any more, and the military intervention as in Iraq doesn't work any more either, with the new Iraqi President not being an ideal USA choice, which is why you never hear about him, the ability of the American OWG Empire to control the course of events in the world, is diminishing fast.

If they succeed in shifting out Mubarak, and inserting the man they want to replace him with, here is  that man -

Labour Cost

This appeared in the comments on PB today -

I was actually made redundant 3 times under labour but never once under a Tory government. I was thrown out of work and taken back on half the wages and the leave with the conivance of the union. Never been a union member since that day.
Parents at my daughters school for all the 3 terms of the Labour government have helped to self finance the oversized classes in the school, maintain it and also buy books and other teaching aides so please just feck off with your ‘Always Ok with Labour its all Fatchers fault” Platitudes.
Prostitution remained rife in the local areas and potentially is even worse now and the cardboard boxes never went away as Labour would have you believe. I along with others feed the homeless weekly and see it first hand up front and in real time. It has in my mind became worse since 2006 onwards.
I was also old enough to remember the unions in the 70’s dictating to the Government the rubbish uncollected and bodies unburied in the street and left in refridgerated boxes as well as the IMF laying down the law. I did my homework for O level finals in the dark next to a bloody candle due to power custs and strikes.
This is the consequences of Labour and again you see the financial disater they have again inflicted on us so we have to ensure all the same again. This time though with no pensions or hope as as they viciously stole our old age while at the same time intentionally and knowingly stealing the future of my children and grandchildren simply to feed their political ends. A truly sad and wicked state of affairs.
You should Never believe Labour can be trusted with power or the economy as someone always has to put it right afterwards with all the pain that goes with it. Never believe the stuff that oozes from Roger and the other Labour apologists as history always shows them up for what they are.
Did Newcastle change in anyway after 13 years? not one iota with the exception a lot of them got placed in public services.
The city of Manchester reported this morning to have the highest youth unemployment in Europe. That did not happen in 6 months so who was responsible for that long term decline?
Round here the homeless remain homeless and we do what we can.
Thats the true cost of Labour

Underwear Bomber Was Yet Another Inside Job

Friday, January 28, 2011


My Grandfather's next command, The Prince Of Wales, on which he took Churchill To meet FDR at Augusta Bay in 1942.  She was sunk later that year off Malaya by the Japanese.   By then he was fighting on the Malta Convoys. 

This is an extract of an account of the day after HMS Hood was sunk in the North Atlantic in July 1941.  Blogging this was prompted by the discussion on Political Betting where people seemed to think that a maritime reconnaissance capability was unnecessary.  I was saying that Nimrod should kept until its replacement is operational, not scrapped.

The Rear-Admiral Commanding, Second Cruiser Squadron, with his force proceeded at 28 knots on the course which would bring him soonest within 100 miles. He hoped to get near enough to launch the attack by 2100, but a short engagement with Prince of Wales caused the enemy to make ground to the westward; and became apparent that the Victorious could not be within 100 miles of them before 2300. The Rear-Admiral Commanding, Second Cruiser Squadron, therefore ordered the striking force to be flown off at 2200, some 120 miles from the objective.
35. The Victorious had only just commissioned. She was about to carry a large consignment of crated Hurricanes to Gibraltar, there to be assembled and flown to Malta, when she was put under my command for this operation. The only operational aircraft she had on board were nine Swordfish of 825 and six Fulmars of 820 Squadron. She had only had a week to work up and the Fulmar crews were far from fully trained.

A swordfish.  Bismark's air defences were not calibrated to deal with such slow aircraft.

The Commanding Officer had decided that nothing less than the whole of 825 Squadron could be expected to produce any result in a torpedo attack. He realised that the Fulmars were far from ideal for shadowing, but decided to use them to maintain touch, in the hope of being able to launch another torpedo attack in the morning.
36. The nine Swordfish were flown off at 2210, followed at 2300 by three Fulmars and at 0100 by two more as reliefs. The weather was showery with squalls; wind north-westerly, fresh; visibility good, except during showers. Sunset was at 0052.
7. 825 Squadron, by very good navigation and with the assistance of the ASV, located the Bismarck at 2330 and altered to the southward with the object of making their attack from ahead. The cloud was increasing and they lost touch, but after circling round for some time located the Norfolk and Prince of Wales and were redirected by the former. A few minutes later the ASV gear again indicated a ship and the squadron broke cloud to deliver their attack, only to find themselves over a United states Coastguard cutter. The Bismarck was six miles away and, observing this incident, opened H.A. barrage fire, keeping it up throughout the attack. Eight aircraft got in their attacks, the ninth losing touch in a cloud layer and failing to find the target. At least one hit was obtained.
38. This attack, by a squadron so lately embarked in a new carrier, unfavourable weather conditions, was magnificently carried out and reflects the greatest credit on all concerned. There can be little doubt that the hit was largely responsible for the Bismarck being finally brought to action and sunk. The value of ASV was once more demonstrated; without it, it is doubtful whether any attack would have been possible.
The Rear Admiral commanding the second cruiser squadron was my grandfather.

The extract came from HMS Hood Association website
My PB Comment 128.  In reply to - Against countries such as China and Russia the UK would be helpless.
The primary threat we could face in future could be from a country we have come to regard as an ally.

If the US is subjected to Martial Law under the Patriot Acts, and the camps are filled with political opponents, racial and social 'undesirables', and Congress emasculated, the OWG will wish to export its totalitarian agenda from the USA to other parts of the world.
Britain might have to face up to a hostile USA in these circumstances, if we were to attempt to preserve our democratic existence - with the Nazis coming from the opposite direction on this occasion.

The Germans could be our allies.

US Ambassador Doubts Euro Can Survive

In a letter to the IHT, former US Ambassador to the EU, Alfred Kingon, argues: “A real look at European debt, which is far greater than the narrowly reported official deficits, bodes badly. Bailouts are being affected by the imposition of rising and unsustainable interest rates […] Will the EU survive? Of course it will. It has succeeded in quelling thousands of years of internal warfare. But the euro and current EU structure – well, that’s another matter”. 

Open Europe.

It was also noted on Open Europe that inflation in Germany was rising.  Now at 2%.  If interest rates are raised, as they should be to please Germans, that would put pressure on the Euro periphery.

Euro bailouts are typically priced at around 7%.  These are unaffordable to bankrupt countries.  They need to lower their exchange rates and be allowed to compete in the world.  Either that or default on the debts or both.  

The Euro was constructed to be the D-Mark, and all Europeans were intended to become German in their political-economic habits.  It was an impossible dream, which is now a nightmare.

The Joke That's No Joke

Regan was shot.  Who by?  Why, the son of a friend of George Bush.  That is according to wikipedia.

As follows  -

According to the March 31, 1981, edition of the Houston Post, and reported by APUPINBC News and Newsweek, Hinckley is the son of one of George H.W. Bush's political and financial supporters in his 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan; John Hinckley, Jr.'s elder brother, Scott Hinckley, and Bush's son Neil Bush had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day.[16][17]
Associated Press published the following on March 31, 1981:
The family of the man charged with trying to assassinate President Reagan is acquainted with the family of Vice-President George Bush and had made large contributions to his political campaign ... Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley, Jr., was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the Vice-President's sons ... The Houston Post said it was unable to reach Scott Hinckley, vice-president of his father's Denver-based firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, for comment. Neil Bush lives in Denver, where he works for Standard Oil Company of Indiana. In 1978, Neil Bush served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the Vice-President's eldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress. Neil lived in Lubbock, Texas, throughout much of 1978, where John Hinckley lived from 1974 through 1980... Sharon Bush, Neil's wife, said Scott Hinckley was coming to their house as a date of a girl friend of hers. "I don't even know the brother. From what I know and I've heard, they (the Hinckleys) are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign. I understand he was just the renegade brother in the family. They must feel awful," she said.[18]

received via Brasscheck TV

Well He Would, Wouldn't He!

'Well He Would, Wouldn't He' was a phrase made famous by Mandy Rice Davies.

The Famous Quotation was made by 19 year old Mandy Rice Davies in 1963, when she was told by a barrister in a court hearing that Lord Astor denied sleeping with her.

She replied,' Well he would, wouldn't he!'


While giving evidence at the trial of Stephen Ward, charged with living off the immoral earnings of Keeler and Rice-Davies, the latter made a famous riposte. When the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied an affair or having even met her, she replied, "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" (often misquoted as "Well he would say that, wouldn't he?").[5] By 1979 this phrase had entered the third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.
She traded on the notoriety the trial brought her, comparing herself to Nelson's mistress, Lady Hamilton.[6] She converted to Judaism[7] and married an Israeli businessman, Rafi Shauli, opening nightclubs and restaurants in Tel Aviv. They were called Mandy's, Mandy's Candies and Mandy's Singing Bamboo. Rice-Davies made a series of unsuccessful pop singles for the Ember label in the mid-'60s, including "Close Your Eyes" and "You Got What It Takes".
A famous Private Eye cover at the time of Profumo had a photograph of "the lovely" Rice-Davies with the caption (without any headline or other identification), "Do you mind? If it wasn't for me - you couldn't have cared less about Rachman".[8]
In 1980, with Shirley Flack, she wrote her autobiography, Mandy. In 1989, she wrote a novel titled The Scarlet Thread. A bizarre follow up to the former was that journalist Libby Purves, who had met Rice-Davies when Mandy was published, invited her to join a female recreation on the River Thames of Jerome K. Jerome's comic novel Three Men in a Boat. This expedition was commissioned by Alan Coren for the magazine Punch, the other members of the party being cartoonist Merrily Harpur and a toyAlsatian to represent Montmorency, the dog in the original story. Purves has recounted how she "immediately spotted that this [Rice-Davies] was a woman to go up the Amazon with" and, among other things, that "only Mandy's foxy charm saved us from being evicted from a lock for being drunk on pink Champagne."[9]
In the 1989 film about the Profumo affair titled Scandal, actress Bridget Fonda portrayed Rice-Davies, alongside Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler.
She once described her life as "one slow descent into respectability".

If only the UN could manage that!  False Flag Terrorism, like Prostitution, will always be denied by the Perpetrators.  There's something a little bit smutty about it all.  It's never meant to be found out about, but it always is.  

Pauline Neville-Jones Is On The List Of 911 Suspects (along with Blair)

There is a website which lists out the individuals who are believed to have foreknowledge of 911, and who took part in the event in one form or another.  There are 103 people on the list.  Two of those are British.
Here is the full list -  -   hattip Jim Corr

Pauline Neville-Jones — International Governor of BBC on 9-11; Chairman of UK Joint Intelligence Committee (1991-1994); Chairman of QinetiQ Group, a war technology company with government customers in UK and USA; Chairman of Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC)

One question I would like to put to Pauline Neville-Jones is why did the BBC announce the collapse of WTC 7 23 minutes before it fell?

FURTHERMORE  - what is she doing now running counter-terrorism for David Cameron?

The Baroness, 70, was appointed Minister of State at the Home Office in charge of security and counter-terrorism by David Cameron – a more junior position than the one she hoped to get, which restricts her responsibilities to domestic intelligence issues.  She hoped and expected to be appointed National Security Adviser to Cameron.

The demotion is said by sources to have ‘infuriated’ the feisty former career diplomat so much that she threatened to resign even before she took up the post.

A senior security source revealed that the Baroness’s appointment was blocked after MI5 produced a report about her links to two controversial Russian oligarchs.
According to a source, MI5 sent the Prime Minister’s aides a confidential briefing about her connections to two billionaires with alleged links to organised crime and a Russian mafia leader.

The source said: ‘The job of National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister needed a high-security vetting clearance because it involved knowing and handling sensitive state secrets.

It's not nice to think that Britain's counter-terrorism is in the hands of someone who knows all about false flag terrorism, and is suspected of taking an active role in it.  

Did she actually have a hand in it, as the 911 suspects website suggests?

Again ask her the question -

'How did she know that WTC 7 was going to fall.  Why did she have it announced that it had fallen 23 minutes before it actually fell?

Did Cameron know she is suspected of being involved in false flag terrorism before having her appointed with responsibility for Britain's counter-terrorist intelligence?

Surely we deserve to have someone who wants to prevent terrorism, not to use terrorism against us, and keep us locked up in wars by killing us and making us think it's being done by others.

from - the two British suspects, who will no doubt one day face trial for their actions on, before and after 911 and 7/7, ex-Prime Minister Blair and Pauline Neville-Jones.

Tony Blair — British Prime Minister on 9-11; ally and partner

in crime of George Bush; London 7-7 bombings were also “false flag” operation
Pauline Neville-Jones — International Governor of BBC on 9-11; Chairman of UK Joint Intelligence Committee (1991-1994); Chairman of QinetiQ Group, a war technology company with government customers in UK and USA; Chairman of Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC)