Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break-Up Of Eurozone Being Taken Seriously

FT Video tells the story.

The PIGS are about to fly the Euro nest.

Barroso says they will fall to military takeovers.

But what of France? Will she fly the nest too? Why would Germany want to carry anyone who isn't solvent?

If you listen carefully to the above report, notice that only Germany and the Netherlands, from the 'Northern' countries, are spoken of as being likely to experience growth, and remain in the Euro. France is not mentioned in either list, the leavers of the stayers. That is the primary problem. Has this key member of the political alliance become one of the economic failures, spending too much, producing too little, unwilling and unable to change?

It looks like it.

If so, France will end up on the list of countries to leave the eurozone.

Unlike the FT, the EU is unable to even discuss the possibility of the Euro breaking up, which makes the event more likely to be cataclysmic than controlled.

One person is asking that alternatives to the Euro be discussed, and planned for in the EU Parliament. He says that the sceptics who want to think out an alternative future are the good Europeans. I wonder who he can be.


Captain Ranty said...


I nicked this, expanded on it, and reposted the link over at my gaff.

Hope you don't mind but this is a brilliant find.

Ooh, poetic.



tapestry said...

You're welcome Captain.

I had to take family out seconds after finding it so left it a bit bare. Pleased you took it on and made a bit more of it.

It looks about as final as you could find when the europhile FT runs a piece declaring an imminent split in the eurozone.

We all know about PIGS, but what about France? That's the part that has yet to be spoken of. Will France split away with the Club Meds?