Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Sad To Watch Brown Disintegrating

From Iain Dale.

It's too awful to watch any more. Brown has to let go. He needs to stop trying. It's over. He needs to keep his dignity, or what's left of it. He is, after all, our Prime Minister. It's not good to see him disintegrating before the eyes of the whole world. It's only an election. He needs to think beyond the next few days to the rest of his life. We need to move on. So does he.

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djaym said...

Iain needs to step outside his metropolitan political bubble & smell the coffee. Brown is and always has been a brutal thug with an instinctive hatred of anybody/thing that does not conform to his warped view of the world. He has dedicated his life to the political process to further the ends of his own coterie of similarly disturbed people. We should have no pity next week in consigning him to the dustbin where he deserves to reside for the rest of his life.