Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Father Jack Vote NO Poster Getting Noticed

Looking at the searches by which people are finding my blog today I can see quite a few are by people searching things like 'Father Jack Lisbon Poster'.

This poster seems to have moved off the internet and is being put up in railway stations and the like across Ireland and getting a good response.

Will Jack find the way through to Irish hearts to stand firm against Brussels' threats and propaganda? One issue which has not been part of the Lisbon referendum debate, and in my view should have been,is the EU programme to legalise and facilitate paedophilia.

For the EU cowards, bullies and perverts, Father Jack has it exactly right -

Tell 'Em To Feck Off' !!!


Anonymous said...

Feck off is right, as they are a fist load of cents.

What is it looking like in the final days before the poll?

Will it be a no?

tapestry said...

I see so much fear in the YES side that it must be a NO. But at this stage, ask Father Jack to pray.