Monday, August 27, 2007

Health Concerns

Pleased to see that Conservatives now lead labour on health and the economy in this morning's ICM Poll.

The health concerns are my own and I'm back on a two week hospital programme prior to travelling back to the Philippines. I was doing so well, and it's a little disappointing to have a hiccup. But in the Philippines, where I will be soon I can do better as it is so calm relatively to the environment here in the UK.

Blogging will inevitably become patchy again for a while...but I will try to keep my toe in, as it were. I've had a fun time blogging this summer in the UK since the end of May, and saw my readership rise steadily for three months. The number of profile reads clicked up by 1000 on 'the tap' in 3 months, and maybe the same on, although there isn't a counter. Last year I had about 70 a month (only one blog then) - now around 500 a month or so over the two blogs. Hardly a big deal, but this is only a hobby!

Maybe I'll blog some Philippino politics in the next few months as well as keeping an eye on things back home.

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ascotinlessables said...

While you are out there why not try yo look at the politics of the Region