Thursday, August 30, 2007


I prefer a more generalised campaign format than has been used so far - bringing in more issues. They are all connected, of course.

Cameron's campaign title has been widely criticised

'DON'T LET BROWN LET EU DOWN'. Not least on iain dale.

How about something which would work in a street leaflet - and would appeal to Sun readers more?


* Immigration out of control
* Taxes through the roof
* Education Standards through floor
* Hospitals closing
* Gangs on streets
* Soldiers ill-equipped at war
* £170 billion wasted on quangos

Enough is enough.
Brown promised you a say in Britain's future
Back Cameron's Campaign For The Referendum on The EU Constitution

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tapestry said...

Pleased to see that the Sunday Telegraph headline today talks of Brown 'Betraying' Democracy.

Pleased that the SunTel agrees with me about using stronger language to express what people feel about Brown's arrogance.

Alsdo reported on CH today that Brown has not spoken to George Bush for 5 weeks. Brown's losing credibility on many fronts.

It is interesting that Murdoch's attacking Brown about not giving a referendum in The Sun, the NOTW and the Times. If Brown's losing American support, saxcrificing Murdoch's support and falling out with maybe 140 of his own MPs, he is definitely headed for trouble.