Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You Never See A Farmer On A Bike

If farming was so easy why is it the highest suicide rate profession, highest divorce, and no kids are taking over from dad. Farming is selling up across the country, sick of the struggle and all the regulation, operated by the Nazis at Defra who for example have three different tagging systems for cattle - causing animals much unnecessary pain.

Add to that farmers die young. All the insecticides and pesticides which people fear are affecting their food, are in tiny quantities at shop level, but are enough to give many farmers cancer, heart prblems and other lovely ailments.

Production is not only subsidised, it is also limited by EU quotas so that farmers are fucked whichever way. Only corn can be grown in unlimited quantity but our climate is not suited to growing that. Add to that, supermarkets operate cartels and any advantage from subsidies gets hoovered up by Tesco's shareholders.

The criminally incompetent Foot and Mouth interventions, made innoculation impossible in the UK - but it is standard procedure in all other EU countries. Millions of animals were needlessly slaughtered. The outbreak of Mad Cow Disease was blamed on offal. In fact it was caused by Organophosphates. British cattle had a dose four times stronger than all other EU countries by law. This caused many cancers in farmers, and caused Mad Cow. The OP's are now much reduced, and Mad Cow has vanished. All the scientists who claimed this to be the case at the time are pushing up daisies, dying in mysterious car accidents etc. The lab which claimed the cause to be recycled bone etc made millions.

You'd almost think there was a deliberate campaign to eliminate British farming.

Monday, October 30, 2006

David and Goliath?

Could John McDonnell MP be for Gordon Brown what IDS was to Portillo in 2001? An outsider, a eurosceptic, a conviction politician, the David who slew Goliath? He's the only labour MP who's declared he will challenge Gordon Brown for the leadership, but he needs to raise 44 Labour MP's signatures to permit him to run. If he raises that number, he is thought to be unlikely to win. But he's not a complete write-off, and at a bet of 400-1 or so, according to, he offers good value. Labour have painted themselves into a corner by making Gordon Brown their automtaic next leader. Will John McDonnell get them off the hook. Brown's built his position by being kept in place for 9 years by Blair. Without Blair, Brown on his own is clearly out of his depth. When will this reality kick in - before he's chosen as leader or after?

Back In Hospital

Back in hospital again this week having treatments. Posts might be done occasionally rather than constantly. Things more hopeful each week.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blair and Brown Bitterness Poison's Labour's Well

Blair is more susceptible to flattery than accusation and allegation. The more Brown resorts to strategies like the Watson resignations, encouraging or at least not blocking his acolyte Paul Dacre's publishing General Dannatt's views on Iraq and now clearly taking pleasure in Blair's discomfiture over the Loans For Peerages enquiry, the less like a leader he seems, and the less likely he is to get a clear run at the leadership.

In fact the more dirt he throws around inside the tent, the less successful Labour seem as they plummet in the polls. On the other hand, if Brown offered Blair a deification Caesar style from a grateful Senate, Blair might be tempted. As it is, Brown wants not just the leadership but also a Blair humiliation. Blair will not buy into it, and will cling on with every claw. As the war of the Blair Succession gets nastier by the month, it becomes more and more likely that Blair and Brown will go down together in a vortex of bitterness, just as surely as they ruled supreme together for nearly a decade.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Opinion From Hans Spotty Ring

The 5 rebels who voted against a Europe-wide Euro should be made examples of - Hannan, their ringleader especially, Helmer, the treacherous British snake in the grass, Callanan, Kammall and Heaton Harris.

The 5 rebels and the 14 abstainers should all be evicted from the EPP immediately without further notice. The 8 EPP loyalists, OTOH should be rewarded with pensions for life, the right to live tax free indefinitely, and provided with state paid sexual favours, abducted children if they desire. The EU is great. The Euro is great. Long live Bribery and Corruption. Taxes must be raised across Europe to pay for it all.

Support the EPP - the European Pillaging Party. Britain Must Not Be Allowed To Escape The Inevitable. Cameron is a waste of time. Doesn't he like his palm being crossed. What's wrong with the idiot, talking in his kitchen and washing up the dishes? Why doesn't he get some illegals in, and enjoy some exploitation? Why did Britain join the EU in the first place? Just vote for the Euro you stupid British Conservatives, and you can join in the fun. You get everything you ever desired. OK?

Gordon Brown Is A Genius

There must be some mistake. Gordon Brown was promised by Blair in 1994 that one day he would be the most popular politician in Britain. Blair is welching on the deal. The unions have been bribed, Labour MP's threatened, but still the pollsters don't understand the facts - Brown is the best - the best I tell you. He's a master of economics, selling gold for $250 an ounce. He hit the lowest point in the market for 40 years. No hedge fund would come close. He's destroyed the pension industry, and condemned millions to poverty in old age. He's even stopped all exloration in the North Sea singlehanded, by taxing the oil companies to a standstill, making Britain dependent on foreign energy for the first time in a generation.

Pollsters what is your problem? You can have 100% final salary pensions for life if you want, seats in the House of Lords, a chance to meet Gordon's children even, but for Gord's sake, get your bloody facts right. I mean, Rupert Murdoch's backing Gordon Brown, Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail. These people are media demi-gods, so powerful and influential that it only takes a month or two of soft puffs for Gordon and he'll leave Cameron for dust. These people can turn round the tide of public opinion with their dead tree slices.

What part of 'Gordon's a genius' don't the British public understand? Don't they enjoy being the highest taxed nation in the world?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Withdraw The EPP Whip From Hannan Helmer Heaton HHHH

I think that the 5 disgraceful MEP's who voted against the Euro should have the EPP whip withdrawn immediately.

The Euro is the best currency in the world.

The inflation rate is low at about 20% per annum, and Euro countries like Spain and Italy are bankrupt not because they joined the Euro but for some other reason altogether, but I cannot remember what it is.

Withdraw the whip from Hannan, Helmer (again), Deva (for cheek), Callanan, Heaton-Harris and Kamall. They must be made an example of...and never again allowed to sit for the EPP.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Army Must Speak Out

Simon Newman cannot be held responsible for my speculations re NuLab's motivation in sending an Army to war and yet refusing to support the troops sent. No member of the government is willing to accept responsibility for the lack of obvious things like foam in fuel tanks. This forces one to the conclusion that the situation where soldiers' lives are being lost needlessly must be pleasing to Gordon Brown and Tont Blair. All Simon Newman has provided is a possible reason why they are happy to break the British Army in this way. Dannatt has already made it clear that that is what Blair and Brown are doing. The only question is - why are they doing it?

Cultural Marxism being rife throughout the Civil Service provides an answer that makes sense. Otherwise it would be inexplicable how Blair and Brown could be content to see their fellow countrymen shot down and killed when they could easily do something to prevent it. An Army which is so badly let down by its own government has the right to speak out. Dannatt must keep talking, and ensure the Army is not broken.

Dannatt Should March On Downing St

Simon. Exactly right. You need a war to carry out these methods of breaking an army down into Cultural Marxist control. You say you don't see the evidence for the Iraq war being used to further Cultural Marxist aims, but then you yourself provide it. Where else in the Cultural Marxist programme have they taken out advertising to let you know what they are up to? It is blindingly obvious.

It has always been a complete puzzle to most people why Blair went for the Iraq war against his own Party, public opinion, and the intelligence and security services, which necessitated the assassination of David Kelly who said the intelligence was being fixed to make war inevitable. If it suited the C-M fraternity to commit to a hopeless war, and then mess the army around, to grind the Army down, that would make a lot more sense.

Otherwise why won't Gordon Brown insist that the Hercules transport planes have their tanks fitted with foam? Or have the Nimrods properly serviced? Compared to the billions he throws away on defunct IT projects, the cost is chicken feed. It is quite clear Brown and Blair care not a fig for the lives of British servicemen. In fact the more they can drag the Army down to their level, the happier they will be.

If I was General Dannatt, I wouldn't waste my time writing articles in the Daily Mail and be used as a pawn in the Brown war to evict Blair. I would march on Downing St and enforce a cessation of this government, followed by proper elections with the fraud taken out, the ending of our membership of the EU, and the reestablishment of The Queen In Parliament as our Sovereign.

It is not just The Army threatened with extinction. It is Britain too.

Blair and Brown Try To Break British Army

Taking yesterday's comments from Simon Newman on Cultural Marxism (see Previous Post), and remembering those of General Dannatt, it makes you wonder if sending our troops to fights wars with inadequate equipment and resources is not a deliberate policy.

Dannatt said that Iraq could break the Army. That could be wishful thinking on the part of the Blairs and the Cultural Marxists. In the same way that they want the end of hunting, the House of Lords, the legal profession, the common law, the monarchy and anything else that makes Britain the country we are.

The Cultural marxists want to break us up, and deliver us into the hands of Brussels, to not exist as the British or English nation any more. What an obvious step in that process, to try to break the Armed Forces.

Gordon Brown seems just as delighted to allow the Army to rot without proper funding as Blair does. If Labour crash to to 20% in the polls they will well deserve it. Rereading the words of General Dannatt, it makes you realise that he meant every word. Iraq could break the British Army. What he didn't say was 'as intended'.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cameron Is Enlightenment In Marxist Clothes

Commentary On Simon Newman Writing on Conservative Home on Cultural Marxism

Islamism is providing a new context for cultural Marxism. The Enlightenment which granted individuals the right to make decisions according to their own conscience, now has these two determined cultural enemies, both of which aim to dictate to individuals what they must think and how they must act.

If either one succeeds in breaking the Enlightenment, the world will be condemned to a period of non-growth in economic terms, and a lock-in to current levels of technology and behaviour.

Yet we urgently need to move ahead to new environmentally good technologies, generate the economic growth to stabilise population levels, and develop the capability to win wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cultural Marxism and Islamism are both cultures of failure, which aspire to stopping progress. They must not be allowed to destroy the institutions we need to build a future in which mankind can survive on this planet.

Cameron's Compassionate Conservatism is undoubtedly an Enlightenment booklet. I have no doubt that Cameron is the Enlightenment in Cultural Marxist clothes, as Simon Newman suggests he might be, and it is good to see his progress continuing despite attempts to undermine him in the Murdoch and Europhile Press. The world needs him to succeed.

The Enlightenment needs to update its core beliefs, and find a new way to express them. The context was religious in the 18th century. It was not possible to explain the Enlightenment in exclusively human terms then, or look too closely at the cultural tendencies in human behaviour outside of formal religion.

The future world can either be constructed out of Islamic beliefs or from Cultural Marxism, both of which are emphasised on the evil of mankind, as was 18th Century Christianity (only God was good). Or the future could now be built on an emphasis on what is good in humanity, on the contentment that can be achieved by people deciding of their own free will to work or fight together to a common purpose.

If the Western world redefines its core value as the inner feeling of Contentment, with less emphasis on monetary and mechanistic values (not in conflict with them), the Enlightenment will become a far stronger force, and enable it to fight back more cohesively against its two current enemies - Islamism and Marxism.

Simon Newman is one of the best exponents of complex subjects in terms that ordinary folk like me can understand. I hope he keeps writing.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cameron Humanity Versus Brown Folly

The hospital is giving me the treatments now, and today I am amazed. I drove to London at 5.30 am arriving at 8.45 am, had five hours of Chelation where a drip is put into a vein of a chemical which bonds with metals lodged inside the body. It was my second go at it. I then drove home in traffic on the M1, and still don't feel tired at nearly midnight. It's as near to a miracle as I have experienced. For three years or more, I've been chronically fatigued, but now with chelation ripping out my high levels of mercury and lead, combined with minerals and vitamins to boost the immune system, I have energy flooding back.

Blogging suited my poor energy levels of the last year in particular, but right now fighting back for health has rather taken over as the top priority. Seeing the various polls in today's FT and The Times, supposedly indicating a drop in popularity for Cameron seem more like wishful thinking on their part. The problem for the dead tree merchants is that they have been press-ganged into a doomed voyage, committed to backing the Captain of the Ship designate one Gordon Disaster Brown - the architect of Britain's collapsing economic virility.

Cameron's too good for Brown to compete with, and the Brownite media is desperately searching for a way to land a blow. However human Cameron might be, and he is certainly willing to be just that, and does not need to hide behind a projected image, Brown has no idea how to act as a normal person. Apart from his unease in his own skin, he makes the rest of the country uneasy too. Our pensions are substantially diminished. Our strategic gold reserve sold at the cheapest price in its history, and Oil Companies are wunwilling to invest in any new capacity in the North Sea fearing the endless 'windfall' taxes.

Unemployment surges to 1.7 million in addition to the 5 million adults who are on disability benefits, in false jobs or on false university courses. PFI has mortgaged the financial future, and unafforable pensions have been promised to public sector workers, driving taxes ever upwards. There never has been a greater economic mess created in Britain's history, from the golden scenario bequeathed by the Conservatives. Government spending has doubled since 1997 from 800 million a day to £1.6 billion a day now, and nothing noticeable has been achieved with the £200 billion extra which Brown wastes every year.

Brown's a basketcase, and rolling out fasle polling resulys from MORI in the hope that the puiblic can be conned all over again is asking too much.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Veiled Threat To Labour's Core Vote

It is claimed by the BNP that Labour launched the anti-veil campaign, as they are losing many of the 14 million white working class vote to them, while their previous multicultural stance only appealed to 1 million Moslem voters. The BNP claim that Labour's new approach is needlessly alienating moderate Moslems who are needed in dealing with the terror threat, and it is leadig to attacks on Mosques. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? It is interesting to find the BNP claiming the higher moral ground.

hospital again

I will be chewing on this, while back in hospital this week for treatment. The test results were not great but could have been worse. There are no phones allowed or internet so access to blog will be limited again this week. There are many foreign patients there from all parts of the globe, so I can carry out the occasional political survey while nurses stick needles into me.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Age of Blair, Brown and Cameron Is Ending

Passing a week in a hospital gives a different perspective on life. I saw no news or even newspapers for five days while doctors and nurses carried out tests to work out which part of the environment was managing to unsettle my health. I should be writing about the politics of health in this post, but other than mentioning that environmental medicine is not acknowledged by the NHS, it does seem obvious that the modern environment of chemicals, insecticides, toxic metals, processed foods, stressful work and families is an underlying cause of many peoples' illnesses.

There are only a handful of hospitals specialising in environmental health anywhere in the world. It could be 50 years before the NHS catches up with where the majority of modern illness is coming from. Spending more and more money on the wrong diagnosis of why people become ill, as the NHS and its private offshoots does, is not a profitable exercise.

In the next door bed to me was a German. She was convinced that the inflation rate in Germany since the Euro has been far higher than the one we are told. She thinks that the value of money has halved.

As I emerged from the world of hospitals, the first news story that struck me was the council byelection result from Selthorpe in the East Midlands,
showing BNP ahead of COnservative with 29% to Conservative 23%. This reflects the story of growth in support for the BNP across many areas. UKIP is frequently mentioned by the media and in Conservative blogging, but it is increasingly an irrelevance. People don't take UKIP seriously after Kilroy Silk. The BNP is fast becoming the new powerhouse of British politics. With not one word of support from the media.

The world becomes ever more dangerous with Japan electing a government determined to rebuild Japanese military capability. Abe is also building links with Beijing and Seoul as North Korea locks itself into its nuclear bunker. Pakistan according to the BBC is setting up and operating a cellular terrorist structure to attack the UK. Iraq is being seen at last as unrescuable, since Dannatt's speaking out in Britain triggered the same collapse in belief in Washington as it did in London. It can only be time before the coalition beats a retreat from there, and also from Afghanistan.

The USA does not hold the economic leverage it once did as Asia gradually becomes the new world economic engine. Britain is linked to the USA in the hope that the US is strong enough to hold the world in a peaceful democratic balance. Events are though moving beyond any one country's control. As the power of the US slips away, Britain is sliding into a European defeatist huddle. I don't think anything happened in the last week to change the picture much, but coming out of hospital I met a new sense that the booming confident Britain that fell for Tony Blair in 1997, is being replaced by one increasingly aware of a world full of dangerous lurking menace, and our impotence to do much about it. Even the climate seems to have a mind of its own, with the coldest March on record followed by the warmest October.

Cameron although backing climate and the environment as a big 'issue', is trying to be the next Blair just as the Blair era of froth and excess is finishing. Brown articulates the future in a purely financial way with no cultural or strategic vision, the perfect non-leader who wishes that he had been one. They are all fighting for media - even Blair is still doing it - but the electorate has moved on, and is scarcely listening any more.

Into the void is rushing a new political force, completely outside the reach of the media. Its support grows every year. It could well win Westminster seats and overturn the balance of British politics. The EU will attempt to hold it back by banning it, and rigging the electoral process, as happened in Birmingham in May when the BNP won a seat but were kept out by retrospective 'adjustments' to the ballot. But if BNP support rises much more, I don't think ballot rigging or EU banning orders will be able to stop the tide.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm In Hospital This Week

Only for tests. Back sometime around Friday. So no chance to blog.

I could do with some assistance setting up bloggrolling again. I've registered with beta.blogger, and have lost the links. Hopefully I can reconnect as the number of callers has fallen in half!

On a good day with blogrolling connected, I get about 40 page reads, and a quiet day around 20.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How To Be As Great As Blair

Another means by which NuLab has governed, was to redefine our understanding of the word 'truth'. It is quite common for one generation to think that the truth is one thing, and for another generation to think it's another. Truth is, according to this approach all about perception, which changes over time.

From this philosophical start point it is not difficult to take one more step, and say that if you can accelerate a change in perception, you can change the truth. Previous to Blair and NuLab the truth was believed to be unchanging, and only perception of the truth was thought to be able to be changed.

For a politician being able to alter truth is most convenient, as they can alter their position without being tied down by any strong 'this is the truth' principles.

It was true, for example, according to the government, last week that our Army's presence was essential to the future of Iraq. Dannatt comes out and says that this is not the case. Peoples' perceptions were changed.

Yet Blair has no difficulty is stating that he agrees with what Dannatt is saying.

Changing position to match peoples' perceptions at any one time is also known as 'moving to the centre ground'.

Before occupying it, NuLab usually first modified it by moving peoples' perceptions. The only unusual thing in the Dannatt sitaution, is that someone else, Dannatt did the truth-moving for them. The rest is typical. One minute the war's essential. The next, it isn't. All with no great debate, little external loss of face and certainly no internal shame.

The key to it all is the ability not to hold to any principle, and not to feel any shame. If you can do that, then you too could be as great a politican as Tony Blair.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Was Brown Backing Dannatt?

The question arises as to whether Sir Richard Dannatt's comments in the Daily Mail were cleared with Gordon Brown prior to him speaking out.

Dannatt is clearly motivated by his wish to get a change of policy on Iraq, but was he being used on behalf of others to accelerate the departure of Blair? It seems perfectly possible. Dannatt must have felt that he had support from somewhere and was more prepared to take the risk of speaking out, knowing Brown's camp was backing him. It is likely that Brown knew in advance what was about to happen. Paul Dacre, Editor of The Mail is a known strong supporter of Gordon Brown.

Dannatt's Only The Messenger

Many newspapers and journalists have faithfully supported Blair's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so it is not surprising to find columnists like Charles Moore of The Telegraph today attacking Sir Richard Dannatt for telling Blair in yesterday's Daily Mail that it's time to pull out the troops .

The problem is not of Sir Richard's making. You cannot fight wars with peacetime armies. To win in Iraq, we and the Americans needed 500,000 troops not 150,000, and a large increase in defence spending from 2.4% of GDP to 6%.

As Churchill said to the Americans in WW2, you give us the tools and we'll do the job. That is what the General should be saying now.

But he knows that with Labour in power, and with Gordon Brown's loss of control of the country's finances there is not a cat in hell's chance of even a .1% increase in defence spending. With Blair arranging his appearances on Blue Peter and other critically important media events, he is most unlikely to consider the imposition of a Draft.

In these circumstances, he is right to express the view that the Army should be withdrawn. With the middle classes quitting kabul in their thousands, it is only wishful thinking that suggests we could win in Afghanistan. We could win of course but with nearer 200,000 troops than 20,000.

Dannatt should say 'get your wallet out' and 'get the draft going' but he knows that there is not the will. He has no choice but to call an end to this playing at warfare.

Will Cameron Attack Blair On Iraq?

Was the Vietnam war a failure for the West?

It arrested the advance of communism, which threatened all of South east asia, Africa and who knows, maybe South America. Today most south east asian countries are globalised free market economies, and China is the biggest success story of them all. If the US had handed communism an easy victory in Vietnam, there could have been a domino effect backwards away from progress and there could now be 12 North Koreas dotted around the globe.

North Vietnam and her communist backers supposedly won the war, but a generation on, the world has turned the American way bar North Korea which got left behind. That war cost 50,000 American lives. Was it a reasonable price to pay?

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars could have been won by the US and her allies if they had had a draft, and increased defence spending as happened in VIetnam. Next time a similar war is fought, probably prompted by terrorist outrages encouraged by the West's failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, the non-Moslem world cannot afford to skip the full cost of fighting a war.

If Cameron and Brown are pro-war, they can only hold that position uncriticised if they also say that these two current wars were not prosecuted as purposefully as they should have been. There should been a Draft and big increase in defence spending. If they don't say that, they are simply riding on Tony's coat-tails. Brown could never say that as he was the Chancellor at the time. Cameron could, although this approach would fall more naturally to Liam Fox. Once Blair's gone, the lack of resources aspect could become the dominant theme in this debate.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Time To Stop Playing At War

General Dannatt's comments in the Daily Mail are typical of what most senior Army commanders have been saying about Iraq for a year, and are beginning to say about Afghanistan. That we are not making any difference to the inevitable outcome by being there.

We could have done a lot to help Iraq if we had had enough troops right from the start, but 7500 is a tiny force and too weak to defend itself properly let alone provide the kind of backbone Iraq has needed these last three years. The fact is we didn't have and don't have nearly enough troops, and neither do the Americans.

There is no point in getting involved in wars in the first place unless we commit proper resorces. It is too late to turn Iraq round now and probably too late for Afghanistan. The middle class are leaving Kabul, which is a sure sign of which way the outcome's going to be there.

The only way to have got a result from Iraq and Afghanistan would be to increase our defence spending to 6% of GDP from 2.4%, and bring in a Draft. As it is, the coming withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan will hand a huge victory to the Islamists and boost their morale globally. Blair and Bush should not have gone to war unless they were prepared to win it.

Next time any wars are to be fought, we will have to be properly resourced with enough numbers. It could be, however that other nations from other continents will fill the vacuum of power the Europeans and the Americans have created. An alliance between Japan, China and India could rise to defend the world from Islamism.

Japan has started by taking the lead with sanctions against North Korea. Our weakness will be replaced with nations who really do fight wars and win them. At least this time we will be on the same side as Japan. And that's thanks to America investing the resources that were necessary to first defeat Japan and then to bring her into the world. The West need not lose the wars against Islamists, but we will if we don't commit ourselves properly to the task in hand. We cannot afford to play at it much longer.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scotland The Brave

Does Scotland wish to go for full independence? It could become a socialist ghetto, which links into the euro, delivering high inflation, low growth and a large unfundable balance of payments deficit.

England would swing blue. Sterling's position as a reserve currency would grow. Our economy would benefit.

The position of the Army and the Navy would be greatly complicated though, if we lost important naval bases, RAF stations and some of the Army's oldest regiments. There are many unanswered questions as to how these issues would be handled.

Or will Scottish indpendence be like the hunting ban - a great vote winner which will be run for a long time as a promise - and then not fully implemented?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Japan Looks To World Leadership

Japan has declared sanctions against North Korea. Japan takes about 10% of North Korea's exports. The new PM, Shinzo Abe is trying to use the Korean crisis to build closer relations with China and South Korea. Is Japan starting to take a lead in the world after 60 years of isolation? The world will be a much safer place if it is not totally reliant on American leadership. Will Asia at last stand up and provide another rock of stability for the world? It's great news. Japan is the only country in the world that has suffered nuclear attack.


Latest Iraq Death Survey Swallowed Whole By BBC

The latest report on casualties in Iraq, published in The Lancet estimates 650,000 killed since the 'Coalition' invasion of 2003. The survey which reached this conclusion worked from interviewing 2000 Iraqi households, and then extrapolating the results over the whole of the population.

This technique of surveying works for consumer surveys where product penetration is known to be remarkably similar over a whole poulation, and random sampling gives a good picture, as is the casew ith political polling. Deaths from warfare are not uniformly distributed over a population, however. They are usually concentrated into hotspots where the majority of deaths take place.

The figured are given for deaths only. The figure amounts to 2.5% of the Iraqi population. The ratio of dead to wounded from gunshot and bomb attacks is usually approximately 1:3. This would suggest that 7.5% of the Iraqi population must also have been wounded, if the death statistic were correct, in the sense of being in the 'ballpark'. Giving 10% of the population as dead or wounded.

An equivalent figure in the UK today would be 6 million people killed or wounded. In WW1 Britain lost 3 millions - around 750,000 killed and 2,250,000 wounded and missing. It seems unlikely that Iraq civil war and insurgency would have caused casualties at the same rate as Britain's in the First World War, when our population was nearer 30 million.

The Independent newspaper has treated the figure as reliable, and the BBC has given the story major billing. It seems a shame that such key media organisations are unable to assess news information objectively, but prefer to grab any statistic which supports their own particular viewpoint. The public's trust in the media can only erode further, and the reliance on blogging to find balance in reporting can only grow.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ukippers - Your Country Needs You

If all the effort going into UKIP infighting, would instead go into activism within the Conservative Party, the eurosceptic cause would be far advanced on its current position.

The most effective strategy for eurosceptic activists now would be to campaign at Constituency level within the Conservative Party for deselection in the Europhile seats, and to pressure for eurosceptic candidate selection, especially at Open Primaries.

This would now achieve more for the eurosceptic cause than joining in the growing disintegration at UKIP.

UKIP's had its moments in the past. Its two strategic achievements were first the initiation of the Referendum on the EU Constitution, which was then copied by Michael Howard, then Blair and then Chirac, which he famously lost.

The second one was the role of influence UKIP played in 2001 in assisting IDS into the leadership against Clarke and Portillo. After the 2001 General Election, it seemed possible that UKIP could become a force in British politics, which could threaten many Conservative seats. This levered MP's towards a eurosceptic leader.

Without IDS, there would not now be David Cameron, as IDS reset the Party's direction, permanently rejecting the Euro, and initiating Local Democracy and the Social Justice agenda, policies that David Cameron has taken up and is running with.

Since the Kilroy flurry, the fact that UKIP is a run by an anti-democratic cabal more interested in in-fighting than serious politics has finished them as an effective force. All they achieved in the 2005 General Election was ensure about 20 euroseptic Conservative MP's were not elected to Westminster. Counterproductive or what?

They are now a Nigel Farage speaking venue, working with the bizarre idea that they can replace the Conservative Party. Many have dreamed that dream in the past. Pre-IDS it might have happened when Hague talked of 'keeping the £ for one Parliament' but that era is now over. With the eurosceptics fighting back hard within the Conservative Party, UKIP has little further useful role. With a hung Parliament scenario seen as increasingly likely, UKIP could do real damage.

If the UKIPPERS would use their activism and enthusiasm to fight within the Conservative Party, the eurosceptic wing would be stronger, and the Europhiles could be further worn down.

Hague is still trying to outmanoevre the euroscepticism of the majority of Conservatives, but with Cameron as leader, the power of the Europhiles in league with the media is far less than it was. Partly as a result of the work done by UKIP, Conservatives are now aware of the EU game, which they mostly were not in 2001. Times have moved on. The battle is now ensuring the eurosceptic wing of the Party moves into the ascendant.

The spur of competition from the so-called Right will be the BNP now. It's time for Conservatives to close ranks and fight for power.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Moslems Attack British Churches (Unreported)

Throughout the world, all places of worship are considered sacrosanct.

Unfortunately, there are now violent trends which are concerning us here in Britain.

The remarks of the Pope should be responded to by argument not threats. In response to his reported remarks, churches have been attacked and firebombed. But these churches were not Catholic, but Orthodox or from another denomination. This reveals the ignorance and fanaticsm of the violent Muslim cowards involved.

Police are now advising churches to step up security measures in case of attacks on churches from Muslims here in Britain.

There have been previously unreported attacks on churches in the former mill towns of England and in Holland in the aftermath of the murder of the film-maker, Theo van Gogh, by a Muslim fanatic.

There must now be a statement from all Muslims MPs condemning such attacks, in particular, Shahid Malik, in whose constituency of Dewsbury contains the extremist Tablighat Jamiaat. There should also be a statement from Sadique Khan MP, the former chair of Liberty.

Sadique Khan was also legal affairs officer of the Muslim Council of Britain, which usually makes statements on matters of concern to the Muslim community. It condemned the remarks of the Pope but has remained silent on attacks on churches.

The TUC also made a joint statement with the MCB condemning Islamophobia, but there was no condemnation of attacks on churches. The TUC is no longer reflecting the views of members.

Interestingly, Liberty, the human rights group, which strongly supports multiculturalism has made no statement on this as the multicultural experiment falls apart before its eyes.

Meanwhile, it falls to the traditional inhabitants of this country to defend their churches as the 'human rights' community decides to ignore their needs.

From 'Civil Liberty'

Murdoch Softens anti-Cameron Stance

Rupert Murdoch reported in The Herald. 9th October, Describing Mr Blair as a "lame duck", Mr Murdoch suggests Mr Cameron is currently all about constructing "what he believes will be the right public image". He adds: "The sooner we can see a face-off between Gordon and Cameron, the sooner we can see the future"

Previous quotations from Murdoch showed a certainty about Gordon Brown which suggested that Murdoch was backing him. When asked what he thought about Cameron on US TV a few months ago, he replied 'not much'.

The Party conferences over, Murdoch is sliding his position a little to leave his options more open. Obviously Murdoch's feeling the wobbles about Brown which is hardly surprising with him trailing Cameron by 11% as best next PM in opinion polls. He still cannot quite maange to give David Cameron an open compliment, which speaks volumes about his likely future behaviour towards Cameron. Expect acceptance of Cameron's success, but little enthusiasm or backing.

Cameron will have to pitch his appeal to voters independently and succeed despite the media, not because of it. Nice to think we might be entering a Post-Murdoch phase in British politics. That would be step number one in our journey back to independence. Keep going, Dave.

Boris Thinks Money Can Fix Education

Boris Johnson wants the most successful students at universities to be given cash rewards as both an incentive for students to work harder and to discourage universities from offering so many first class degrees. Mr Johnson hopes that businesses and alumni would provide for the funds for these rewards and for more scholarships for subjects that find it hard to recruit.

The power of money to motivate is greatly overestimated. If Boris can provide a sense of achievement to pupils who succeed so that more want to do so, that would be good.

For anyone to get any sense of achievement out of education, the national curriculum should be abolished. Schools and universities should be free to set their own standards and curricula.

Then the teachers would believe in what they were teaching, and their enthusiasm and commitment would communicate directly to the students.

The way to get education working is to get rid of outside intervention from government completely. Government has eroded the motivation of educators, and it is time for government to get the f*** out of it.

Boris is not showing soundness of judgement. If he thinks successful businesses motivate with money, he is wrong. Surely his time at the Spectator should have taught him that independence of mind, the opportunity to create ideas and to work alongside dedicated and interested people is the larger part of motivation to achieve.

Money is never as big a player as bureaucrats and governments wish it was. In the last ten years, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have proved it. They've doubled the cost of government from £800 million a day to approaching £1.6 billion a day and there is literally nothing to show for it. Throwing money into a negative situation only makes the it worse.

Boris is no doubt a great motivator to work alongside, but as yet he clearly has not found the way how to convert his creative mind into a managerial one. But then if he did, he wouldn't be able to fill the media with his charming gaffes every fortnight. Sadly being interesting and exciting and getting things to work are not often compatible.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Portillo Wants A List Army of Cronies

Portillo wrote in today's Sunday Times (October 8th) - Not only are Tory activists bristling because it was harder to get on television, they also resent losing the freedom to choose parliamentary candidates. It is a tremendous blow to those whose closest brush with power in the whole of their lives comes when they help to decide who will be elected to Westminster.

Woooooooo! Portillo more than anyone hates Conservative Constituents as his own in Kensington & Chelsea clipped his wings back when he attemptd to unseat IDS, and those in Enfield kicked him out.

Now he's moved on to advocating the termination of representative government. Much of his political writing betrays insight, but when it comes to his own experiences, he's bitter and twisted and dangerous. He was always disloyal to all his leaders, and despises anyone 'lower' (in his own view) to himself.

If the A List had been done correctly - opening up the Party to the regions and ending its south eatern, public school, oxbridge domination, it would have been a good idea. As it is, we are getting more of the same with sex changed and a dash of colour. Of course Portillo has no objection abut that. All his cronies from Maude onwards like it that way.

The thing that threatens Cameron's credibility more even than the EPP is the fact that the A List has failed to open us up to the North. If Cameron were to swap Maude for someone who can achieve the regional breadth the Party needs, then the A List would be justified. As it is, it's being used to build an army of cronies. The way that Battersea was handled proves the point. The deadly battle for control of the Conservative Party continues.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs

There ia a battle going on is for control of the Conservative Party. As in all battles there's ploy and counter ploy. If you adopt a literal interpretation of what you see, hear and read, it is most unlikely that you are seeing the true relevance of many of the events taking place. I am suggesting that eurosceptics have what they want in place - as regards Cameron being leader.

The opposition to Cameron is partly people who wish to manoevre him rightwards as it were. And there is the europhile media who have cottoned on to the fact or fear that Cameron is not acting as the europhile or at least the eurocompliant he was intended to be, when they campaigned for his coronation.

The eurocompliant media can feed their campaign against Cameron, which is intended to fracture the Conservative vote and stop Cameron winning power, by taking the lines from those like Christina and Sean Fear on Conservativehome.

If such traditional Conservatives realised that Cameron was actually on their side, but he's involved in a deadly power game on which Britain's future rests, they would not be writing as they are. The eurosceptic vote is too easy to fracture - UKIP, BNP, many smaller parties and also stay at home and Green. The only way to actually get out of the EU is to back Cameron, although he will not say the words EU once, or he's dead meat, and the eurocomplaint wing of the party that has the media onside will devour him. They are angry enough at his silence, and non-attendance at EU meetings. It is tragic that Tory right-wingers don't realise how good Cameron is as regards being 'one of us'.

They're used to Blair. Cameron pretends to be a Blair to get media support, but in fact he has other ideas and is nothing like a Blair. He's used the 'I'm the next Blair' cover story to grab the media backing needed for his coronation, and to get this far. He will need your support to get much further. Traditional Conservatives should give this a bit of thought.

Cameron's Kids Being Used?

If Cameron was Blair, I'd agree about him using his kids for PR. But Cameron's his own man, independent minded and not prepared to be ordered around by anyone. Blair bends and twists to serve the best image he can achieve at any gioven time. Cameron is more of a Thatcher. He's the one to decide when things will happen, and how, and he works from principles as expressed in Built To Last. If he's not ready to express a view on an issue, he refuses to be drawn, while Blair would reach for the nearest soundbite and that would overnight become policy.

Cameron's presenting himself as a 'local'politician, a human being politician right from the beginning.

Blair would run for family exposure in times of trouble as a sticking plaster. Andrew Neil says Gordon Brown uses his as 'human shields'. Cameron's saying 'my children are part of my life. If you choose me, they're part of me.' He's holistic in the way he talks to us, and he wants us to be holistic in the way we respond. taking responsibility, using the trust that he is prepared to devolve as well as we can. In effect Cameron is saying 'we're human beings, not images. we're all on the same level.' We should be pleased he's not seeking to be a demi-God, to live in the media. He's prepared to be normal, to make little mistakes that don't matter, to be seen on a bicycle. He's with us not above us.

Blair lived above us, and now does not know where to go. Brown wants to copy him and be a big media figure but has no idea how it's done. Cameron will not have their problems. He never left ordinariness in the first place.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Get Out Of Europe.

Eurosceptics have no choice but to totally reject involvement with the MER, the movement for European reform. It is a ploy.

The problem for the eurosceptic movement in the UK is that the energies of so many sceptics are being deployed wastefully. UKIP stands against almost all Conservative MP's regardless of their views,. Unless PR is introduced, a vote for UKIP is always a wasted vote. In fact it is worse than a wasted vote. UKIP managed to prevent up to 20 Eurosceptic Conservative MP's from getting to the House of Commons in 2005, ensuring that twenty Lib Dem and Labour europhiles were elected in their place.

Conservative eurosceptics like Christina Speight focus a lot of their energy in attacking Cameron. In the world as it was, that approach might have made sense. Go to the top, people used to say. No one knows where the top is any more. The Conservative Party as it currently stands is a coalition, with members of the Bildeberg Group like Ken Clarke, William Hague and Rupert Murdoch (the phantom of British politics) on the one side, and with the vast majority of the party who are eurosceptics on the other. Despite the preponderance in numbers in favour of euroscepticism, the balance of power between the two halves of the coalition is if anything still tilted in favour of the eurocompliant (= europhile) wing. This is because the Bildeberg wing of the Conservative Party is backed by the media, which has the power to make or assassinate its leaders.

Cameron is not easy to read, but he does not appear to be eurocompliant. Murdoch continually makes negative statements about him, and Ken Clarke has been seen on Channel 4 issuing public threats against him over the EPP. It seems likely that Cameron is eurosceptic. He was adopted by the europhiles as the best way to stop Liam Fox, who would have been openly eurosceptic in the style of IDS. Rather than allow Fox to win and go through to be the next assassination victim, the pro-EU wing backed by Blair, Campbell and the media promoted the relatively unknown David Cameron, maybe picturing him a new Blair who would be easy to control and manipulate.

Given the situation, Cameron if a eurosceptic will have no choice but to play down the issue of Europe and to play a long game. The MER is of course the next ploy from the europhiles to attempt to stop eurosceptics from attacking the EU and to lay down their arms, and to keep the Conservatives inside the EPP. It will be a white elephant from start to finish.

If British eurosceptics like Christina Speight and also folk like Nigel Farage would wise up to what the game is all about, they would begin to see different strategies to achieve the ends that they desire. UKIP should only focus on removing Europhile MP’s from Westminster, and fight only the last 20 or so europhile seats that are left – including the false eurosceptic Hague. How Hague is still getting away with it defeats me. I guess it’s the power of the media to bamboozle.

The Christina’s of this world should be working on the inside, assiduously pushing for the deselection of the MP’s like Ken Clarke, William Hague and the rump of europhiles that remain. In this way the energies of the eurosceptic movement would no longer be wasted in conflict with each other and the eurosceptic movement would start to achieve a base from which they could make some real progress.

The strategy would be the same whether Cameron is or is not a eurosceptic. I personally think the evidence that he is a eurosceptic is strong. If eurosceptics don’t begin to hit the target, and change the Conservative Party from a coalition dominated by the Europhiles into one dominated by the skeptics, they will have lost the only realistic strategy to remove Britain from the EU that exists.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Farage Must Focus His Attacks

NIgel Farage, the UKIP Party leader will pull out of any seat where a member of the major parties has committed to BOO. YOu would think this would send MP's running to secure the withdrawl of UKIP from their Constituencies. But any Conservative MP joining BOO and becoming a BOOT (Better Off Out Tory) will not be permitted to serve on the front bench by David Cameron, for the sound enough reason that leaving the EU is not Conservative Party policy. Cameron does however permit MP's to campaign on any topic they wish to including EU withdrawal, as long as they don't hold aspirations to the Front Bench.

Sadly few Conservative MP's have signed up to BOO as a result of this. There are many Conservative MP's who share the aims of BOO in their heart of hearts, especially members of the Cornerstone Group, but they are busy doing good work on the Front Bench team, and the eurosceptic cause would lose influence if they were reduced to backbencher status.

UKIP are unwilling to extend their withdrawal from seats other than where they would face a signed up member of BOO. They could well damage the Eurosceptic cause by attacking people like Cash, Redwood, Paterson, IDS, Hayes and so on. UKIP should redesign its strategy and attack known europhiles only, and concentrate its campaigning resources into the 20 or so constituencies where the MP's or candidates are known to be europhiles, such as Ken Clarke, William Hague and so on. It would become a badge of disgrace to be opposed by UKIP for a Conservative, rather than a source of sympathy and resignation, as it is now.

UKIP could offer to withdraw if the europhile MP or candidate is deselected. If UKIP would deploy hundreds of canvassers to each europhile constituency and fight against the Conservative europhile wing exclusively, they might start to win bigger shares of the vote there, as they would not be providing a blanket threat to the Conservative Party as a whole. They could well begin to influence selections within the Conservatives to the eurosceptic end.

Now that would be an intelligent strategy. Sadly UKIP are wedded to the curious idea that they must fight the Conservative Party at general elections across the board. No one is more delighted to see this than Brussels.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hague's Conference Speech

I watched Hague's speech, and clearly he was assuming that most of the audience would be sufficiently ill-informed (or forgetful) about the EU that if he made some rousing quasi-patriotic noises he could pull the wool over their eyes:

"we will give up no more of the powers and rights of this country" - It's happening every day through the existing EU treaties as well as outside those treaties.

"no person in their right mind advocating British membership of the euro" - True, for the moment none of the europhiles are openly advocating that.

"The British people believe that political integration has gone far enough, and so do we. So we renew this pledge: that under a Conservative Government there would be no Treaty changes that transfer more competences to the EU without a referendum of the British people." - Pity he didn't think of that before, when he was the Tory leader and he supported the Amsterdam and Nice Treaties. And what about the activation of the existing passerelle clauses, which technically doesn't count as "Treaty change"?

"And there must be no introduction of the EU Constitution through the back door" - Already too late for that, it's started.

"nor any yielding of our veto over justice and home affairs" - At least that's a clear pledge about opposing something which has not yet actually happened.

"There are some who still hold to the fifty year old dream of ever closer union." - Which is enshrined in the treaties he supported.

"I am as convinced as ever that our place is to be in Europe but not run by Europe." - But the fact is that we are even more run by Europe now than eight years ago when he started using that slogan, partly thanks to the Amsterdam and Nice Treaties which he supported.

"building a Europe of co-operating nations rather than of ever-closer union" - He needs a completely new treaty, then.

Hattip Denis Cooper. On Conservative Home.

Hague and Cameron - Bizarre Pair

Hague's an unreformed member of the Bildeberg Group, who are committed to lying to their nations and conning them into doing nothing while the EU seizes power over them.

It is only because Cameron has permitted Hague to run the EU show that Cameron has been allowed to establish his leadership at all by the media.

Cameron himself doesn't seem to agree with things EU, but he is silent bar the odd flurry such as fighting for the amendment of the Regulatory Reform (End of Parliament) Act which asserted the right for Parliament to overturn the Treaty of Rome.

Murdoch is ranged against Cameron to a large extent saying he didn't think 'much' of him on US TV. That's a sign that the 'eurobilders' are as worried by Cameron, as the eurosceptics are by Hague.
I'm not surprised.

Maude Has Wasted The Purpose of The A List

"Some 52% of the 100 were privately educated - compared to 59% of the Conservative MPs elected in 2005 - and 28% were educated at Oxford or Cambridge. And there were relatively few "fresh faces", with 89% having worked for the Conservative Party in some capacity or stood in previous national or local elections as Conservatives." - Daily Mail

Isn't the A List a cock-up? It's meant to change the face of the Parliamenetary Party but Maude's allowed it to replicate the Oxbridge, south of england, public school educated BOF's of yesteryear. We're doing alright down south, Maude yer berk. It's the NOrth we have to convince, and we won't do that with wall to wall public school southern accents. give me a break.

Surely Maude's a busted flush. The Chairman himself should be from the North for God's sake to show we mean business - not some cliche-talking bore like Maude with his phrasing sounding as if he's never heard of anything since the 1980's.

Now we have to put up with him messing up the Party Conference with mile long queues of people who've paid £200 to get in. I mean. What is he bloody playing at?

And at the same time, he's plastered all over the Daily Mirror for chairing a company that invests in pornography at the least and who knows? maybe worse, where two 'actors' have contracted HIV and the whole thing's in a state of panic. Condoms were optional apparently. He should have resigned from that as soon as he was appointed, and he knows perfectly well. Do we really have to listen to our Party Chairman pretending it's not to do with him as he doesn't own shares personally?

Cameron can do better. We can do better. Will Maude go please? He's known mostly for his disloyalty to leaders who overlook his great talents. Working with Maude might keep his knife out of Cameron's back, but he's fucking up the Party. Get a Yorkshireman for Chairman and I don't mean William Hague.

Queue Chaos Ends Maude's Credibility

Cameron must have had enough of Maude. He's expressed his disappointment with Maude enough times already over the A Lists. We've seen how Maude alone out of the top Conservatives failed to resign his potentially unsuitable commercial interests - especially his Chairmanship of the Jubilee Investment Trust which has significant shareholding in a big American Porn Business, now exposed by the Daily Mirror making us all look stupid. Cameron resigned his drink trade directorship, and Letwyn gave up his in case it backfired, but not Maude. He's still trying to defend his Chairmanship saying he doesn't own the business personally. What an idiot.

And now we have the Party Conference queue chaos - again the responsibility of the Party Chairman who pulls the most dreadful Red Top headlines for being a purveyor of porno filth, on the same day as 2000 influential people are forced to stand in the Bournemouth rain for hours on end - some for more than a day.

Cameron fears Maude as one of the most treacherous people in the Conservative Party -always happy to brief against a leader who is foolish enough not to put him into a top job. But keeping Maude as Chairman any longer is showing him up for what he really is - an incompetent, outdated, bombastic oaf unable to run a piss-up in a brewery. Whatever the benefits are of not have Francis Maude against you, they cannot be as bad as having him on your side playing with you. He has to go. He is a liability. We've seen enough.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Maude On The Brink

Francis maude's in trouble in the Mirror as well as at conference on the A List. He is a non-exec chairman of Jubilee Investment Trust which has major shareholding in big US Porn company, which was hit an HIV scare when two of its stars contracted the disease.

Maude should have resigned this position as soon as he accepted Cameron's request to act as his Rt Hand man. He must have realised he was running a big risk by not resigning this position, and now we are all being made to look stupid.

Maude's one of those ones you want in the tent pissing out, or he'll definitely be outside the tent pissing in - just like Portillo. But he's not a genius, old-fashioned in his thinking and manner of speech. We can do better.

We don't need second best at the helm, and it is concerning that so many europhiles are finding their way into key seats. Maude is on the brink.

Cameron - Tax and Europe.

Cameron will not tackle the main battlegrounds of tax and europe. yet. he doesn't need to expend so much energy while first lib dem and now labour start to implode, unable to compete with his barrage of common sense. he is right to keep most of his powder dry. if he launched a major offensive and took huge casualties before his army is ready and he has secured his pitch, he might lose.

Cameron is a brilliant strategist. shame his own supporters have not yet learned how to read him, but many are starting to see that he is approaching a Herculean task in a sensible step by step almost boring method. It would be good if a few more Conservatives could climb on board. It's a long struggle we're engaged in. Victory will not come about from a couple of commando raids, but from a political D Day style operation the like of which has never yet been seen.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Conservatives, Give Cameron A Break.

Cameron is not saying 'trust me'. He's saying that he will trust you.

The top-down big government world we now live in is not of his making. He wants to change it. It is completely barmy that so many Conservatives are arguing with Cameron. He is advocating exactly what they are about. He is quite clear that he cannot offer tax cuts until the public sector is reformed. And he is quite clear that he will not put tax cuts infront of the reform.

I am getting sick of all the 'give us more beef'angle as above from wat. Listen to what Cameron is saying, and work from there. Don't expect him to jettison his programme. It's well thought out and a lot more intelligent than you are saying it is.

The media game in the UK requires Cameron to look 'not a Tory'. He's good at the image game as he has to be, but don't push that into saying that he is using image over and above substance. He isn't.

I hope that the army of Tory doubters relax a bit this week and start listening to David Cameron's actual words, and beleiving some of them. He's a lot more intelligent than Blair.

People are not used to listening after ten years of Blair. They assume that everything spoken in politics is nonsense, beacause for ten years it has been. Here is the moment of change, a new leader who refuses point blank to promise what is not achievable, and everyone slagging him off for doing exatly whats needed - putting sense and intelligence back into managing our affairs. Give him a bloody break will you.