Monday, July 31, 2006

'Localism' Reform Of Corporation Tax

Fast growing small businesses create most new jobs.(Storey. Warwick Business School)

They are usually under-financed and have cashflow problems, which limit their growth phase. They are usually profitable and pay large amounts of corporation tax.

If this sector could be targeted for 100% corporation tax relief, it would save the government money, as far more jobs would be created, and the capital base of such companies would establish quicker and more would survive any sudden downturns.

The growth phase of most fast growing companies (20% per annum or more) is usually about ten years. If growth is defined as growth in sales combined with growth in employment, once a company hits plus 20% they should pay no corporation tax. At plus 10% they should pay half. At plus 5% three quarters. Another condition, no dividends should be payable.

These incentives would persuade far more small companies to plan for growth, increase the country's productivity, and its capital base.

Most entrepreneurs tire after ten years of 20% plus growth. At least these golden years would not be wasted in payment of tax.

Rupert Ramps Up Pressure on Dave

Murdoch's clearly negotiating for a policy commitment from Cameron.

Cameron might have flunked the EPP, and shit on Roger Helmer, but he still doesn't attend EU bonding sessions, which is displeasing the hardline europhiles.

They hold the whip hand over Murdoch, so he's doing their bleating for them. Let the bastard bleat, I say, and ensure Cameron gets the credit for not crawling to Murdoch as Blair, Brown, Major etc etc. have done.

Localism might be a bit complicated for Murdoch to understand. How can he control that, he's probably thinking. Social Justice? how does that build corporate revenues?

If Cameron stands up to Murdoch, that really will be Clause 4. Go for it, Dave. Get the Digger bleating. Britain'll love it.

The Pentagon Puppet Has Lessons for Cameron


The Independent finds it hard to withhold its admiration of Blair (yet again)....

I suppose Blair is acting in his own self interest by becoming Bush's poodle. The Indie is doing the same, becoming Blair's poodle.

It's only business I suppose. Did the Americans insist that Jack Straw and Robin Cook were fired? Is Blair now a Pentagon puppet? (


I wonder if it's the EPP decision has that hurt Cameron's rating. The only hard promise came to nought.

It looked weak. If Cameron wants to emulate Blair, he should recall that, as above, Blair is ruthlessly selfish and cares not a jot for the Labour Party, Britain, the EU and probably George Bush either. He goes for what pays the best rate for the job.

His popularity endured because he was seen to be resolute, which he was. People can now see that he's only out for No 1, but for a long time, people gave him the benefit of the doubt, and they admired his strength (as the Independent still does - $$$$).

Cameron is looking good and appealing to many new voters, but he's not looking strong. Backing down on the EPP especially has made him look weak. Either he cares about principles - in which case he should have backed Roger Helmer - or he doesn't. In which case he's going to allow Hague to fudge everything Hague-style.

Cameron's missing ingredient is strength. Blair had the Clause 4 moment and showed the strength of a leader. Cameron had his EPP decision, and showed himself weak. Being right is not expected of a leader all the time. Being strong is.

A bit of action might be required.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Murdoch Claims UKIP's Glory

The original Independent article which broke the story about Murdoch offering Blair a place on the News Corp Board is interesting.

I don't believe the description given of Murdoch pressuring on behalf of his eurosceptic political beliefs. That's the PR version.

In fact, Murdoch has to keep on the right side of the EU - especially its Competition Commissioner, and he will, as a a rule be pressuring Blair to favour the EU, not to block it.

The Referendum on the Constitution originated in UKIP. It proved so popular that Michael Howard matched it, and that levered Blair's hand. If UKIP hadn't started off the process, Michael Howard wouldn't have matched it, and neither would Blair.

Murdoch's claiming the credit as a cover-up for his true relationship with the EU, one of trying to negotiate more business privileges which breach competition policy. He could hardly run around admitting what's really going on.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Murdoch admires Brown's IQ

As he arrives to address 500 senior executives at News Corps annual conference in USA, it has been announced that Blair will be offered a senior management post when he stands down as British PM. IF anyone doubted the closeness in the relationship between Murdoch and Blair - and thereby Blair and Bush - we now have the answer.

No one dares say the word Bildeberg.

Once Blair failed to get the Euro, his offer of the EU Presidency must have seemed less than secure. A deal with George Bush to prosecute a war in Iraq seems to have clinched an equally good offer.

The Conservatives should be wary of any equivalent closeness between Cameron and Murdoch. Gordon Brown is already getting Murdoch's accolades, according to the FT. What has Brown offered Murdoch to keep him sweet?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cameron Must Do The Dirty on Hague

Yes Serf. That's sensible. But with Hague overseeing the whole thing, we're stuffed. How will any potential MEP want to go through anything like the appalling deception that Hague has put up for months pretending to be even-handed in dealing with EU matters, only to come out threatening deselection to anyone who dares to speak openly about EU corruption.

Unless Hague goes, we're finished in the Euro Parliament. Cameron's flunked the EPP decision, which is stupid of him, but Hague has twisted the knife into Conservative backs. He will not be trusted again.

If we want an electoral future in which we actually believe, Hague's gone.

He's wasted too many of our years already. Here he is doing it all over again.
For killing off the spirit of Conservative democracy in the Euro Parliament, Hague must swing. If Hague goes, then many would give Cameron another chance. Especially if he brought in Fox. If Roger Helmer, the only Conservative brave enough to challenge the corruption visible in the EU Commission, is being thrown to the wolves, something is very wrong within the Cameron regime.

Prescott denies 'payments' to Parliament

Publicly he will get a mild rebuke. Privately it's likely he'll be asked for a share in the takings. I guess there must be a Swiss Bank Account here and there, and a certain unwillingness to declare earnings to the IR.

It reminds one of the days of Roman Empire. The Emperor was the biggest criminal in town. That was the whole point in becoming Emperor.

I can see Prescott in a toga, grapes being fed, ostrich feathers fanning away the heat while he indulges his various tastes....oh yes and the occasional mild rebuke from a fearful Senate.

William Hague spoke no word against Prescott's politics, about regionalisation, and the recent collapse of regional police forces. He politely suggested to Prescott that he should consider resigning in the context of the sexual and unregistered corporate hospitality allegations. Hague knows where the real power in Britain resides and judiciously tiptoes around it.

Emperor Prescott did claim as follows, 'I would like to say that over those 35 years (his career in public service), I have never been employed in any other job, I have never received any payment from any other quarters....'

No one had mentioned that you were, Emperor John. No one was suggesting bribery, just a failure to register interests, hospitality and gifts. So why mention 'payments'? Please carry on with your shadow EU government of Britain, and breaking us up into regions. A little bribe here and there, and occasional illicit sex will hardly matter given the importance of your mission. Why worry? You'll get away with it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hannan Heading For Westminster

mattdeansoton@blogspot emailed me to say that Dan Hannan is hoping to stand for Westminster for the new Meon Valley seat in Hampshire.

With Chris Heaton Harris leaving the Euro parliament to fight Daventry, that leaves Helmer as the only H-Block MEP still to declare his intentions.

The BNP are targetting the Euro elections in 2009, and expect to push out many of the UKIP MEP's. I don't see how the Conservatives will have much defence with Hannan and Heaton Harris quitting the delegation - unless a strongly eurosceptic bunch of candidates put themselves forward, but will they consider it worth the risk of being let down by Hague like the last lot?

New Homes for Conservative MEP's?

See the link

This suggests that the negotiations between the myriad of eurosceptic minor parties is about to bring a new amalgamated force into the political arena, the BDIP.

Iain Dale sounds sceptical. I believe something like this may be happening as it makes sense. There is a need for some rationalisation, but I doubt the leaders of the various organisation would give up their positions.

UKIP need the BNP's electoral appeal, and the BNP needs UKIP's and the DUP's respectability. I wonder how the negotiations would be handled with the small cabal that runs UKIP. That would be the only stumbling block.

I would not be surprised to see big name Conservative MEP defections after Hague has threatened Helmer and Hannan with deselection if they speak openly about EU corruption. That would give the new baby substantial momentum. The BDIP would need to ensure it had the same appeal to Labour supporters as the BNP has had. The first few steps will be crucial.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reply to Iain Dale

Patience is a virtue. So is keeping promises. While we all attempt to be virtuous, it is worth bearing in mind that the Cameron strategy is partly working, at least as regards the popularity of David Cameron.

The weak link in the Cameron strategy is the assumption that eurosceptics have no other party to represent their views, and as at least 30% of Conservative voters wish to withdraw from the EU, the vailidity or not of this assumption will be significant (maybe more than 30% since the EPP promise has shown how little freedom of speech we enjoy in the Euro parliament).

As Iain says, what's the point of heading for the wastelands of UKIP or the English Democrats etc in a first past the post system? Logic would suggest that eurosceptics would stay on board with the Conservatives regardless, but emotion may be a stronger force than logic.

We need more evidence yet, but recent byelections have not been encouraging, showing high Conservative abstention rates as at Bromley, and in Redbridge a large BNP vote. It would not take many more real world votes of this nature to expose a gaping hole in the Cameron strategy - we would be losing votes faster on the EPP and Europe than we are gaining them with husky-hugging.

Would he change course in these circumstances? I don't think he would as his strategy is above all a contract with the media, which clearly includes a refusal to talk about the EU.

The marketplace, I believe is a lot more fluid than you are yet perceiving it to be, Iain. Only events will confirm whether that opinion is correct or not, but if it is, Project Cameron will soon be holed below the water line, and British politics will lurch into an entirely new phase. Tim's seen the possibility and he's trying to warn the captain on the bridge. As in all good disaster movies, the first part of the drama requires those who see disaster ahead and issue warnings to be ignored. (Written in reply to Iain Dale on Comment Is Free - July 18th 2006)

Monday, July 17, 2006

EPP decision spells EU finale for Conservatives

I guess Conservative morale must be at rock bottom right now. We've been strung along since the leadership battle on the promise that Cameron would out-Fox Fox on the EPP.

Now with Hague abandoning the eurosceptics in the Euro Parliament to their fate, we have been left with no choice but to believe totally in withdrawal from the EU.

If we cannot even be allowed to speak and state what our beliefs are, without incurring threats from our own leaders, then we are certainly finished as regards willingness to be part of the EU. If a Parliament cannot tolerate free speech, then it is not a Parliament at all.

If the EPP situation teaches Conservatives nothing else, then surely this is it - we have no choice but to exit the EU. The times to pretend that somehow we could make it all work are now surely over. We would be sacrificing a democratic tradition for a fraudulent one. That is simply too dangerous.

It's interesting that Heaton Harris has already decided to quit the Euro Parliament. The rumours abound that Dan Hannan will soon be doing the same.

If we can come to this conclusion from our grass roots up, then we can become the extra-EU party of local democracy and enterprise that Cameron wishes to build. This will not come from our leaders, however.

They dare not take on the power of Rupert Murdoch. He has to please the EU Competition Commissioner or lose his TV sports monopolies, and stopping Cameron from openly demanding an end to EU membership is No 1 on the EU's shopping list. Unfortunately Cameron needs Murdoch as do all British political leaders. It's our Achilles heel.

Once we define ourselves correctly, we will make a better job of presenting that to the electorate. We need a Conservative grass roots campaign which lets the leadership know that we will not tolerate EU serfdom. To achieve that, all they need is our silence. Our silence is all we must not give.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cameron targets Prescott

Cameron's not wasting any time attacking Blair or Brown.

He knows who wields the real power in Britain - John Prescott and to an extent Rupert Murdoch. He dare not attack Murdoch and challenge EU power (yet) so the EPP can bury the courageous efforts of Roger Helmer in the Euro Parliament to expose corruption (for now).

But he's started his assault on the EU's No 1 British flunky, the Real Prime Minister, Mr John Prescott.

The language of the localising message has been much improved since the Built To last campaign was launched. The weak phrasing such as 'trusting people' 'sharing responsibility' and 'supporting institutions and culture' have been replaced with 'real local democracy' and 'empowering' 'voluntary action'. The whole message hangs together much better.

EXTRACT from Cameron's Birmingham speech.

The government's regionalisation programme is presented as an act of decentralisation.

In fact, in almost every area the regional bodies take their powers up from local councils, not down from Whitehall and Westminster.

Transport, planning, housing, the ambulance service, the fire service, all are or will be controlled further away from the citizen.

The government has plans to re-organise local government itself, scrapping the shire system by removing the power of district and borough councils.

Until this week the government seemed intent on abolishing county police forces in favour of large regional forces.

I'm not sure if that plan is still on the table - if it is, it means that here in Birmingham, the West Midlands force would be united with three other forces, creating a new force stretching from the borders of the Thames Valley to the borders of North Wales.

Regionalisation of local government, policing and all the other areas I mention is wrong not only because it is taking powers up, rather than devolving them down.

I want to see a bigger role for local democracy - and more powers.

This can be done through local councils, directly elected mayors or direct democracy.

That is why we will abolish the regional assemblies and return their powers to local authorities.

That is why we will progressively abolish the ring fencing of local government money, freeing councillors to meet local needs.

That is why we will have a bonfire of targets, audit and control systems that waste time and money and sap local initiative.

And we will go further.

The residents of each police force area should elect the man or woman or the people who will call the police to account there.

Let me be clear that doesn't mean electing the chief constable - it means either directly electing the Police authority, or having a directly elected Police commissioner or mayor.

That way, the police will know who their masters are - not the Home Secretary in Whitehall, but the individuals, families and businesses they work for. That is the way to get real neighbourhood policing.

we need a government, a society and a country that trusts people, invigorates local democracy and hands out power and responsibility to those ready to exercise it for the public good.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cameron needs Hannan

Chris you are mixing up the thread of my argument. I said that Bromley showed a reluctance to vote on the part of Conservatives. That reluctance was either because they spent an entire day eating strawberries several weeks before Wimbledon, or because they were unhappy with Cameron and the modernisers.

It was after that initial statement that I came onto Europe. Had the EPP decision been taken prior to Bromley (and it was no doubt carefully pushed out of that period) the stay at home Conservative non-vote might well have been bigger. Also Mr Farage might have managed to get a bit more oxygen into his campaign. If 300 odd votes had changed sides, or 600 more stayed at home, Bromley would have been lost

The point I'm making is that Cameron is intentionally refusing to represent the views of the majority of Conservatives based on the strategic plan that he will attract others to the party especially from Lib Dem, and that the current Conservative voters have nowhere else to go.

This strategy is a backwards-looking strategy. In the past Conservatives have had nowhere else to go.

The issue of Europe is significant in that it is an acid test issue for many Conservatives, and over it Conservatives have shown themselves willing to abandon their traditional loyalty, as UKIP demonstrates.

If UKIP had not been such an incompetently run affair, it would have done us far more damage. We have been most fortunate that Nattrass' cabal seized control and ran the party from his business premises in Birmingham, upsetting allcomers by rigging all internal elections etc, including their best electoral asset Kilroy Silk.

Next time the Conservatives' luck might not hold. Threats could come from a rejuvenated UKIP with new leadership, or from Labour's left wing winning control of the Party with a eurosceptic policy that appeals to people like me. Or possibly a surging BNP.

At current growth rate, by the next Euro elections, the BNP's support could be 2X or 2.5X what it is now. They need only tidy up their image to make it less labour voter targetted and more Conservative-voter targetted and they could make inroads.

I think Cameron could still get away with all his modernising, with traditional Conservative voters backing him if he delivered a convincing eurosceptic platform. This is the key area of Cameron's vulnerability. Sadly he's given Hague the opportunity to mess it up for him, which Hague has done. The Conservative vote at this moment has become extremely vulnerable.

Unless some more MEP's stand aside from the stitch-up and brave the threat of deselection, I don't see much hope. Cameron actually needs more Helmers to keep this wing of his party onside. If he kills off all hope, he will suffer the consequences next time he wants votes. Hannan would be helping Cameron by striking out alone.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hague Twists The Knife

Hague's position is totally unacceptable. He's informing the MEP's that if they quit the EPP and carry out Cameron's policy, they will be deselected and not able to stand again at the next election.

So there you have it. Hague is lining up behind the bully boys to crush Roger Helmer's brave stand against EU corruption. And he's trying to muzzle many others.

He parades as a conservative, as a democrat, as a charming chap, as a believer in the rule of law, and a fairminded individual who would not tolerate corruption. He seems to be the kind who would face down a bully or a thief and fight for justice.

In truth he is none of those things. He is giving succour to the corrupt. He is helping the voices of freedom and democracy to be crushed. He is a fraudster as great as any other our nation has known.

The MEP's affected cannot allow this unbelievably insipid individual to stand in freedom's way. They must put their careers on the line. If Hague says there must be casualties, and that means Roger Helmer at the very least, they must all come out in sympathy with his courageous position. Hague's looking for a risk-free easy life for himself. He hasn't given a thought to the position of others.

If we allow the bullies to win now, Conservatives will not be able to stand proud and principled in Europe again. Hague is the ultimate front man - apparently reasonable charming well-spoken, but he's a quisling. It is now that freedom requires people to fight. Not next week. Not in a month's time. Not some time in the future. Hannan must put his neck on the line. Someone has to take a risk. Now is not the time for backing down.

The voice of freedom must never be silenced.

Who Cares If Blair is Arrested?

Bloggers might get excited about seeing Blair do the perp walk - or seeing him in cuffs. But is Blair in any control of events?

Lance Price wrote in the Guardian that when he was Alastair Campbell's No 2, all decisions had to be OK with Brown, Prescott and Murdoch and no one else mattered a toss.

It seems that Prescott's position has strengthened since then, and he can now rob the Bank of England, rape the wives and children of his colleagues and no one dares touch him. He's been placed in effective charge of all domestic business in Britain for up to 9 years. Somehow none of us noticed, because he has not used the media to build his position. In fact he's been happy to act out the role of buffoon hoping he didn't get noticed.

Because Prescott's taken on the task of eliminating the power of Parliament and establishing the regional government of Britain, he is the effective head of the EU shadow government of Britain. He's not the Deputy Prime Minister. He's the replacement Prime Minister.

Brown's run the Treasury for the same period, and has played his position by building alliances in the media to challenge Blair. The media have played the Brown/Blair theatre for all these years, but although the relationship has been exactly as described, its true relevance is that it has covered up the significance of Prescott. Brown sees himself as the next Prime Minister, but the next PM of what?

Blair tried to sell Britain out to the EU, but he got nowhere. He failed with the Euro. He couldn't even block demands for the referendum on the Constitution. He did slide through the Nice Treaty on the quiet in 2001, but that's a long time ago. The EU had high hopes for Blair, but now he's parked with a DNR notice round his neck, while they find a suitable replacement.

Blair might still be PM but he is an irrelevance. It is not the death of this Labour government that is being played out, but the death of Westminster. The Enabling Acts such as the Regulatory Reform Act are called the Death of Parliament Acts, and that is what they are.

Blair could walk out or be slung in jail tomorrow and it won't make a blind bit of difference. Prescott is successfully dismembering Britain. He's become more powerful than Blair or Brown. And Levy's all part of the game. The more Westminster can be portrayed as a corrupt irrelevance, the easier it will be to destroy it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Prescott's Indispensible - It's Official

Here is Labour's list of Prezza's jobs. Two Jags, two jabs, two shags (at least) and 20 jobs. Superman is indispensible as we suspected.

Prescott’s list of jobs provided by Labour Government -

Oversight and co-ordination of Government policy across the full range of domestic policy areas, including:

Chairmanship of nine Cabinet Committees:

Domestic Affairs
Public Health
Housing and Planning
Post Office Network
Ageing Policy
Local and Regional Government
Local Government Strategy and Performance
Animal Rights Activists

Active role as the Prime Minister's Deputy on seven Cabinet Committees

Anti-Social Behaviour
Asylum and Migration
Energy and the Environment
National Health Service reform
Public Service Reform
Schools Policy
Serious Organised Crime and Drugs

The DPM has also been asked by the Prime Minister to:
Work on improving the effectiveness of policy development across Government

Chair the China Task Force
Work with the Foreign Secretary, the Secretary of State for the Environment and other departments across Government on promoting the Government's post-Kyoto agenda

If Prezza left, Britain would collapse. He's holding the place up singlehanded.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prescott Won't Be Resigning

Those who think a little bit of sleaze and corruption will bother John Prescott, Tony Blair and others should contemplate this extract from

Prescott enjoys huge power based on patronage, but above all on his programme to replace our traditional government with the EU's regions. He's untouchable. Blair has no choice but to support him.

This is a clear sign that we no longer live in a democracy. The media can be baying for the removal of an openly corrupt and sleazy politican, and yet he can carry on regardless. If nothing else convinces people that we are no longer an independent country, then the Prescott affair might open their eyes.

'EU corruption is now exploding through our Civil Service, our local government, and our 7,000 quangos.
A shadow EU government lives inside our bureaucracy, headquartered in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM.) It includes many parts of government including the RDA and the Regional Assemblies. Common Purpose, an EU organisation, the UK branch also headquartered in the ODPM, has members across many government organisations including some city and county councils, the Land Registry, the police and the NHS, which it is destroying from within.

Common Purpose is the glue that enables fraud to be committed across these government departments, most of it lining the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats. It often involves the sale of public assets such as land to friends of politicians or their businesses. (The RDA -The EU Regional Development Agency, is a major player in this type of fraud.) And the handing out of plum government non jobs with big salaries and expenses to members of Common Purpose, all of it involving the theft of our money as taxpayers. The Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton of the ODPM.'

It's odd how the media are handling Prescott. His political role is hardly mentioned....only his personal foibles, corruption, sexual behaviour and so on. Surely the blogosphere could do a bit more to expose his role as the DPM for the last 9 years. Are Prescott's friends having a feeding frenzy from the break-up of Britain as claimed by eutruth?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Compassionate Conservatism Mission Statement

The phrasing in use to communicate Compassionate Conservatism in the Built To Last campaign are - trusting people, sharing responsibility, championing freedom, supporting institutions and culture.

These phrases do not sound dynamic when you first hear them (I thought) and after reading Compassionate Conservatism I feel could be improved upon. Below is my attempt to do that.

The text changes regularly - hopefully gradually improving. Any suggestions welcome.

'The State aspires to carry citizens from the cradle to the grave. This it fails to do.

CC looks beyond centralisation towards empowerment of individuals and local enterprise'

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Murdoch Controls Blair's EU Policies

Murdoch had most of British satellite TV handed to him by Blair, combined with exclusive TV rights to the Premier League. More recently the TV rights to Test Cricket have been added. If Tony's happy with Rupert's support, Rupert gets payback - lots of it. It is clear that Blair is knee deep in supplying favours to Rupert Murdoch, including, it now appears allowing him to dictate policy.

In July 1st's Guardian, Lance Price wrote, 'In my first few weeks as Alastair Campbell's deputy, I was told by somebody who would know that we had assured Mr Murdoch we wouldn't change policy on Europe without talking to him first.'

There is only one person in a position to take his TV/media privileges away from Murdoch. That is the EU Competition Commissioner. If Murdoch were to fall foul of the EU, they could use their power to reduce him. This threat ensures that Murdoch uses the power he exercises over British politicians, to satisfy EU demands.