Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Suspicions about Prodi

I stumbled across two pieces of information recently both centred on Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Commission, and now Prime Minister of Italy.

The first concerned the murder of Aldo Moro the former PM of Italy. He was kidnapped by the Red Brigades, who tried to negotiate for his release. However no one offered to talk to them from the Italian government, and after many weeks he was murdered. The person who contacted the Police saying he knew where Moro's body was located was none other than Romano Prodi, then an academic. He claimed to have received the information as to the whereabouts of Moro's body in a seance.

The second piece of news about Prodi was revealed to the European Parliament by Gerard Batten MEP for UKIP. One of his constituents is an ex-member of the FSB, the organisation that replaced the KGB responsible for internal and external security and espionage for Russia. When he began to seek asylum in the West, he was advised by the Head of the FSB that Italy had many KGB agents amongst its politicians. He was told that their main agent there was none other than Romano Prodi.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Better Off Out (BOO) is The Freedom Association (TFA)'s excellent campaign to quit the EU, whose Chairman ex-Conservative MP Christopher Gill declared support for UKIP this year.

He's recently signed up Austen Mitchell the Labour MP into BOO.

TFA claim to be about to declare more Conservative and Labour MP's.

However progress with Cornerstone members might be a bit trickier than they think. Many are Front Bench and hesitate to confront David Cameron's statement that BOOTS (Better Off Out Tories) will not be seen on the Front Bench.

Gill's declaration for UKIP has annoyed Cornerstoners and hardly helped the BOOT cause.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Heffer harrumphs

Heffer's said to be tempted by the wastelands of UKIP. If he were to read the Guardian, and especially Hoon and Milliband on the 22nd June 2006, he would find that the Conservative regime he so despises is thought by his political enemies to be proposing withdrawal from the EU. It might at least give him pause for thought.