Friday, August 11, 2006

What's the Terror Endgame?

If Israel backs down to Hizbullah in Lebanon, Iran will see the way wide open to pursue the creation of its nuclear capability. From there Iran will be secure to build a terror network that will make the Taliban seem like amateurs.

Israel's war is our war. If we don't subdue Iran, the consequences will be far worse later. If we assist Israel to secure Lebanon, and move on Iran as we can, we might prevent the next phase in the Islamo-terrorist story. Otherwise the world will suffer far worse consequences in the years ahead.

Blair will increasingly be seen as having been right about the Middle East, after having been completely wrong about the EU.

Conservatives are making themselves totally irrelevant about all the key issues of our day, concerned with bicycle panniers, chocolates at the check-out and sexualising children's clothes. The phrase 'fiddling while Rome burns' comes to mind.

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John East said...

The endgame, which shouldn't surprise anybody who knows anything about any fanatical sect, particularly one in which the faith calls for the death of innocent women, children and its own flock, is a world caliphate.

But, be that as it may, we shouldn't get too paranoid. It's early days yet.