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US Ambassador. 'Why is Putin coming to visit Serbia?'

BELGRADE – US Ambassador Michael Kirby said that the relations between Serbia and the United States are very good, but on the occasion of the announced visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belgrade he asked – Why is Vladimir Putin coming? Photo: Supplied “You can have good relations with Russia and China, and the United States. But our position on visits to Chinese and Russian officials differ. The Chinese attacked almost no one, but Russians did. 

It should be borne in mind. It’s not clear whether Putin will come, but if that happens – why is he coming? Due to the celebration of the liberation of Belgrade? Belgrade was also liberated by the third Ukrainian Army, as a part of the Red Army,” Kirby said in an interview with Serbian Daily “Vecernje Novosti”. 

Recalling that many countries were part of the USSR, and thus the Red Army, he also asked: “If you have already invited Putin, did you invite others who participated in the liberation of Belgrade?” Asked to explain, 

Kirby said: “Serbia has the right to call whomever it wants, it is up to Serbia and it’s leadership, and I just think that the context is wrong.”

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Rigged referendum/election talk on UK Column Livestream

The Satanic Children's BIG BOOK of activities. I wonder what that might include?

Florida Schools Forced to Allow Satanic Church Access to its Young Students

21st Century Wire says…

Do religious groups have a right to push their material on innocent children in state schools? What ever happened to the ‘separation of church and state’? As liberalism and communitarian continue to sweep America, protections enjoyed by previous generations are now a thing of the past…
On the heels of their spectacular success in getting their agenda into childrens’ minds through Hollywood’s entertainment and music industries, Satanic groups have found a new way into your children’s lives by using the court system to force access to schools and distribute their satanic literature.

The Orlando Sentinel reported this week how The Satanic Temple wants to give out materials, including The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities, in Orange schools. What’s worse, the schools have no choice but to submit.

Ironically, it was because of a previous ruling won by the Atheist and evangelical Christian groups that the Satanic Temple has found a way into schools.

Pay close attention to the Liberal framing of the church’s mission, using popular liberal trigger words like ‘social justice’ :

The Orlando Sentinel explains:

“The Satanic Temple, a relatively new group that supports social justice causes and believes Satan is the “eternal rebel against the ultimate tyrant,” wants to give out materials such as The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.”

Behind the Satanic drives to infiltrate schools – surprise, surprise… are an army of trial lawyers. 
“The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its local affiliate, the Central Florida Free-thought Community, sued Orange schools last year after some of their materials were censored. The case was dismissed earlier this year when the school district agreed to allow all of the materials to be given out.”
“They have no ability to keep out the Satanists and the literature they want to distribute unless they close the forum altogether,” said FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel.”
There is something very wrong with this scene in America today. As expected, liberals and Democratic Party leaders are completely silent on this issue – which means that they approve...

Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida

The Satanic Temple has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious materials.
Among the materials that are set to be distributed are pamphlets on the philosophy, practice of Satanism, the Satanic Temple’s tenets. Also, the sect tells school children about their legal rights to choose to practice Satanism, according to the official press release.
Earlier this month, the school system made a decision to let any religious and atheist materials be provided in schools.
The Temple said that although it does not agree with the school board’s decision to allow religious materials in schools, it will continue “to ensure that pluralism is respected whenever the Church/State division is breached.”
Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves explains: “We think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.”
“I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and its Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer,”Greaves added.
The Satanic Temple came into the media spotlight after announcing it is going to erect a seven-foot Baphomet statue next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol. It also unveiled plans to build a chapel in Detroit…

Scottish poll rigged - Aangirfan


In Glasgow, "Police are investigating ten cases of electoral fraud."

Voters turned up at polling stations to find that people had already voted using their names.

Police officers have remove the ballot papers concerned.

The papers were from 10 different boxes across Glasgow, and not concentrated in one area.

In Dundee, a fire alarm led to the evacuation of the building where the vote was being counted.

In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms.

The turnout in the strong YES area of Dundee was 78.8%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole

In Dundee, 'Yes' ballot papers were spotted on a 'No' table.

A male vote counter "tampering with ballots by marking crosses on ballot papers in the Edinburgh polling station." Videos Claim Vote rigging.

The turnout in the strong YES area of Glasgow was 75%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole.
The county known as Clackmannanshire was expected to vote YES.

But it was announced that NO had got 54% of the vote in Clackmannanshire.

Scottish independence: Yes County votes No

TAP - They can rig a referendum easy as spit.  What use would a referendum on the EU be?  The Irish YES to Lisbon was rigged.  This was rigged.  Parliamentary elections are tampered with heavily.  How the hell can we work a democratic solution to the world's evils?

Gordon adds -
How the media shafted the people of Scotland.

Journalists in their gilded circles are woefully out of touch with popular sentiment and shamefully slur any desire for change.

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'Bill Maloney names Charles Windsor as a paedophile'

I am not too sure about Matt Taylor's website to be honest.  I'd prefer Bill Maloney to publish his own accusations, as he is well capable of doing. 

For example, take a look again at Bill Maloney's dramatic confrontation with Nick Clegg outside Parliament, where Clegg definitely doesn't want to discuss institutional paedophile rings, turns and runs.  I'll leave the details of the Windsors and their involvement to other sites which cover such matters much better than I do,  sites like Aangirfan, now

Charles quite clearly has a close association with a number of known paedophiles, which is indeed curious, but has Maloney really gone ahead and directly accused him in person?  Bill Maloney normally accuses people to their face, although he did mention the Queen Mother as being involved in an earlier Pie'n'mash film.  Bis sister who was the witness is no longer with us.


bill maloney bbc manThe inner most guarded secrets of the Windsor Royal family have been blown wide open by Bill Maloney, the director of Pie’n’Mash films and campaigner against institutionalised child-abuse, in an explosive interview with Guerilla Media Network radio featuring Lou Collins.
Beamed to an American radio audience, Bill Maloney took the opportunity to go further than he has ever gone before and actually named Prince Charles as a paedophile.
In a truly shocking and disturbing transmission, Bill Maloney revealed that was he warned:
‘Don’t do it Bill, don’t you dare do it. Don’t you dare say anything about Charles being a paedophile and don’t you dare Bill, don’t you dare mention anything about Princess Diana being killed because she was going to spill the beans. Don’t you dare Bill.’
Bill Maloney dares to go where other’s Fear to tread.
With the latest shocking and embarrassing headline to hit the news wire, that another personal friend of Prince Charles, pervert Bishop Peter Ball, 82, will become the most senior Church of England figure to be hauled into court on a child sex charge, the Windsors are petrified that the people will soon be rushing the Palace gates.
Not only was the Queen’s Butler a paedophile, but so is her husband, son and priest. Facing two counts of indecent assault – one in 1978 on a boy aged 12 or 13; the second in the 1980s on a man who was 19 or 20, the disgraced Bishop was invited to live with the Prince on his Duchy of Cornwall property and boasted of Prince Charles as “a loyal friend.”
ImagePalace Guards are showing the pressure of having to guard the world’s most wanted woman, evident by the drama of a Royal Guard pulling his bayonet on an unarmed visitor.
Palace Guards are trained to only leave their post unless a Royal is under threat. So when you see a Palace Guard rush forward 50 yards with his bayonet unsheathed, you know that the Royals are under threat.
With the backing of the Queen, a zero tolerance approach now seems to be her response as the Royal House of Windsor crumbles around her.
While the Queen managed to evade arrest in Rome, Matt Taylor from Brighton warns her that she may not be so lucky again.
Read more: The Queen evades arrest in Rome.

Maloney and Chris Fay interviewed by Lou Collins/Brian Gerrish earlier on the 30 year cover-up.

What's all that stuff up in the sky?

NATO oversteps charter gun-running to the Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

It has become a de facto world army, accountable only to itself…The single biggest threat to peace and prosperity in Europe and Eurasia today is NATO. Their insistence to further inflame the Ukraine crisis by directly arming non-NATO member Ukraine is not actually provided for in NATO’s charter. Rather, it’s a move designed to escalate tensions between NATO and Russia.

The North Atlantic Treat Organisation (NATO) was originally formed after WWII to offer a binding framework for mutual security in Western Europe in the face of Soviet expansion. It advertises itself as a collective, but in reality, it mainly financed and almost exclusively run by the United States, servings an extension arm to enforce American interests overseas. After the fall of of the Iron Curtain and the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, instead of rolling back its activities, NATO began to expand eastward and become hyper-active in both its political and military activities.

NATO EXPANSION: Moving east in order to force a confrontation with Russia.

Besides reports of promises made to Mikhail Gorbachev, not to expand NATO “as much as a thumb’s width further to the East”, Spiegel Online reports of other assurances made during German reunification:

On Feb. 10, 1990, between 4 and 6:30 p.m., Genscher spoke with Shevardnadze. According to the German record of the conversation, which was only recently declassified, Genscher said: “We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.”

Those promises were all broken.

 reports on the illegality of NATO: 

Former UN Assistant Secretary General Hans Christof von Sponeck used the following words to express his opinion that NATO now violates the UN Charter and international law:

“In the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty, the Charter of the United Nations was declared to be NATO’s legally binding framework. However, the United-Nations monopoly of the use of force, especially as specified in Article 51 of the Charter, was no longer accepted according to the 1999 NATO doctrine. NATO’s territorial scope, until then limited to the Euro-Atlantic region, was expanded by its members to include the whole world.”

NATO’s charter specifically states that the alliance exists to defend member states, and not attack others.

NATO’s first big move to usurp the UN and international law in 1999 with NATO’s bombing of Serbia. It claimed the effort was intended to force the Yugoslav Government of former President Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw its forces from Kosovo, but it was more than that. NATO wanted to test the UN charter and international law in order to set a precedent – in this case a criminal precedent. The UN Charter strictly forbids military intervention in sovereign nations unless agreed by a UN Security Council resolution.

NATO’s most recent move to undermine international law came in 2011 with Libya. NATO lied about its mission and intentions, instead using the disguise of a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in order to provide air cover for Islamic terrorists and rebel fighting groups on the ground trying to depose the Gaddafi government. THe bombing campaign and chaos that ensued resulted in an estimated 30,000 civilian deaths and casualties. Western nations chalked these up to collateral damage. They told us, “Gaddafi had to go. The ends justified the means”. As simple as that.

Now NATO is displaying its most open political and risky military aggression yet in the Ukraine. While a ceasefire has been reached in Eastern Ukraine and hostilities have ceased, NATO has seized the opportunity to inject more tension by openly trafficking arms on to Russia’s doorstep.

“Must Europe really be dragged into a potentially catastrophic war with Russia? At present the United States government is trying to force the European members of NATO to participate in aggressive operations in connection with the coup which it carried out in Ukraine. Europe must refuse”, says John Scales Avery from Counter Currents.

NULAND’S ARMY: NATO and the US State Dept. chose to back NeoNazi ‘Right Sector’ factions in a violent coup in Feb 2014 (Photo: Oriental Review)

NATO Sending Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

i24 News

Kiev: ‘We reached agreements in closed talks, without media, about … those weapons that we currently need’
NATO is delivering weapons to Ukraine, the defense minister of the embattled European nation said Sunday.
“We reached agreements in closed talks, without media, about … those weapons that we currently need,” Defense Minister Valery Heletey said, according to Reuters. Heletey said his country needed weapons “that could stop [Vladimir] Putin,” the Russian president.
“I have no right to disclose any specific country we reached that agreement with. But the fact is that those weapons are already on the way to us — that’s absolutely true, I can officially tell you,” Heletey told the news service.
“Heavy fighting” was going on near Donetsk Sunday, AFP reported, raising questions about the sustainability of a truce there now nine days old.
“Large clouds of thick black smoke billowed over the industrial city as the boom of sustained shelling and the rattle of automatic gunfire rang out throughout the day, AFP reporters witnessed,” the news service said.
NATO itself won’t send weaponry to Ukraine, but its member nations can, Reuters said.

If Scotland makes her banking independent, then she'd really be getting there

If Scotland were to say, “We’re starting a new round based on our own assets, via our own new bank,” exciting things might be achieved. A publicly-owned bank with a mandate to serve the interests of the Scottish people could help give the newly independent country true economic sovereignty.
I wrote on that possibility in December 2012, after doing a PowerPoint on it at the Royal Society of Arts in Edinburgh. That presentation was followed by one by public sector consultant Ralph Leishman, who made the proposal concrete with facts and figures. He suggested that the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) be licensed as a depository bank on the model of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. I’m reposting the bulk of that article here, in hopes of adding to the current debate.

Ellen Brown from Global Research

From Revolving Fund to Credit Machine: What Scotland Could Do with Its Own Bank
The SIB is a division of Scottish Enterprise (SE), a government body that encourages economic development, enterprise, innovation and investment in business. The SIB provides public sector funding through the Scottish Loan Fund. As noted in a September 2011 government report titled “Government Economic Strategy”:
[S]ecuring affordable finance remains a considerable challenge and further action is needed to ensure that viable businesses have access to the funding they require to grow and support jobs. The recovery is being held back by limited private sector investment – indeed, overall investment in the UK remains some 15% below pre-recession levels. Evidence shows that while many large companies have significant cash holdings or can access capital markets directly, for most Small and Medium-sized companies bank lending remains the key source of finance. Unblocking this is key to helping the recovery gain traction.
The limitation of a public loan fund is that the money can be lent only to one borrower at a time. Invested as capital in a bank, on the other hand, public funds can be leveraged into nearly ten times that sum in loans. Liquidity to cover the loans comes from deposits, which remain in the bank, available for the use of the depositors. As observed by Kurt Von Mettenheim, et al., in a 2008 report titled Government Banking: New Perspectives on Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion from Europe and South America (Konrad Adenauer Foundation), at page 196:
[I]n terms of public policy, government banks can do more for less: Almost ten times more if one compares cash used as capital reserves by banks to other policies that require budgetary outflows.
In 2012, according to Leishman, the SIB had investment funds of £23.2 million from the Scottish government. Rounding this to £25 million, a public depository bank could have sufficient capital to back £250 million in loans. For deposits to cover the loans, the Scottish Government then had £125 million on deposit with private banks, earning very little or no interest. Adding the revenues of just 14% of Scotland’s local governments would provide another £125 million, reaching the needed deposit total of £250 million.

The Model of the Bank of North Dakota
What the government could do with its own bank, following the model of the Bank of North Dakota (BND), was summarized by Alf Young in a followup article in the Scotsman. He noted that North Dakota is currently the only U.S. state to own its own depository bank. The BND was founded in 1919 by Norwegian and other immigrants, who were determined, through their Non-Partisan League, to stop rapacious Wall Street money men foreclosing on their farms.
Young observed that all state revenues must be deposited with the BND by law. The bank pays no bonuses, fees or commissions; does no advertising; and maintains no branches beyond the main office in Bismarck. The bank offers cheap credit lines to state and local government agencies. There are low-interest loans for designated project finance. The BND underwrites municipal bonds, funds disaster relief and supports student loans. It partners with local commercial banks to increase lending across the state and pays competitive interest rates on state deposits. For the past ten years, it has been paying a dividend to the state, with a quite small population of about 680,000, of some $30 million (£18.7 million) a year.

Young wrote:
Intriguingly, North Dakota has not suffered the way much of the rest of the US – indeed much of the western industrialised world – has, from the banking crash and credit crunch of 2008; the subsequent economic slump; and the sovereign debt crisis that has afflicted so many. With an economy based on farming and oil, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US, a rising population and a state budget surplus that is expected to hit $1.6bn by next July. By then North Dakota’s legacy fund is forecast to have swollen to around $1.2bn.
With that kind of resilience, it’s little wonder that twenty American states, some of them close to bankruptcy, are at various stages of legislating to form their own state-owned banks on the North Dakota model. There’s a long-standing tradition of such institutions elsewhere too. Australia had a publicly-owned bank offering credit for infrastructure as early as 1912. New Zealand had one operating in the housing field in the 1930s. Up until 1974, the federal government in Canada borrowed from the Bank of Canada, effectively interest-free.

. . . From our western perspective, we tend to forget that, globally, around 40 per cent of banks are already publicly owned, many of them concentrated in the BRIC economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Banking is not just a market good or service. It is a vital part of societal infrastructure, which properly belongs in the public sector. By taking banking back, local governments could regain control of that very large slice (up to 40 per cent) of every public budget that currently goes to interest charged to finance investment programs through the private sector.

Recent academic studies by von Mettenheim et al. and Andrianova et al. show that countries with high degrees of government ownership of banking have grown much faster in the last decade than countries where banking is historically concentrated in the private sector. Government banks are also LESS corrupt and, surprisingly, have been MORE profitable in recent years than private banks.

TAP - One question for Ian Crane. Why does he have a pyramid in his introduction to Humanity versus Insanity,  The Crane Report, the A in Crane? Surely he's not keen on seeing or showing pyramids?  Curious.  If it's the symbol of what Ian's battling against, the pyramid shouldn't be part of his own name and identity. Am I being pedantic?

NPP (Ned Pamphilon) said call him in his comment, so I did.

Ian said he'd explained the logo on an earlier broadcast.  The capstone means the secret knowledge that the 'highest' echelons keep to themselves.  The landing of the capstone on the pyramid represents the sharing of the occult (hidden) knowledge with everyone.  So no worries there, Ian hasn't joined up with the other side.  Phew! 

Mark Windows latest.

England and Scotland separated years ago. The Union is an empty shell

By Nick Wood Posted 11th September 2014
Here’s a figure worth considering when one studies the constitutional shambles engulfing Scotland and by extension the rest of the UK. In the four general elections since 1997, Scotland has sent 261 Mps to Westminster. How many have been Conservatives? Just three.

In a nutshell, that sums up why the historic marriage between England and Scotland is now on the rocks. Irrespective of the frantic efforts of the political establishment to effect an eleventh hour reconciliation, the two parties to the 300-year-old Union have already gone their separate ways. Even if the No camp pulls off a narrow victory next Thursday, the relationship, which has brought great benefits to both lands, is over.

Dig further back into Scotland’s electoral history and you find that things were not always like this. In the 1955 general election, the Conservatives polled 50 per cent of the vote north of the border and secured 36 seats. As recently as 1979, the Tories had 31 per cent of the vote and 22 Mps.
The parting of the ways came in the 1980s. As a political correspondent on The Times in that era, who occasionally covered events in Scotland, I recall the mounting hostility towards the English that emerged under Margaret Thatcher’s rule.

The word “Tory” was not yet spat out as a routine term of abuse – as it is today. But the fabric that bound the two countries together was fraying badly.

Mrs Thatcher essentially presented Britain with a choice. It could continue down the quasi-socialist route of the 1960s and, worse, the 1970s with the union barons calling the shots, management cowering behind the desk, and the public finances a basket case. Or it could embrace the painful disciplines of market economy and free enterprise.
England chose the high road towards the globalised economy of the 21st century. Scotland chose a particularly stagnant form of state socialism.

The political economy of the UK fractured. England turned right and Scotland turned left. The results are plain to see today.
Tory and Conservative are now dirty words in Scotland, a country that has turned its back on the open, free-trading, entrepreneurial society that is flourishing in most parts of the world.
In a humiliating and craven volte face, David Cameron journeyed to Edinburgh yesterday to make his last-ditch plea for the Union. But you have to ask yourself, what kind of Union is it that we are trying to preserve when the British Prime Minster spends most of the campaign huddled in his tent, afraid to step outside for fear of giving encouragement to the enemy? This is not exactly the spirit that animated the Duke of Cumberland when he was faced with an earlier Scottish uprising.

Of course, other factors have played their part. Scotland was particularly hard hit by the collapse of heavy industry. With the loss of Malcolm Rifkind and Michael Forsyth in the 1997 election, the Scottish Conservative Party lacked any semblance of charismatic leadership and sank into irrelevancy.

But the fundamental break was economic. A couple more figures. Public spending in Scotland as a percentage of GDP (excluding North Sea oil and gas) has consistently run 7-10 points  ahead of the UK figure. Public sector employment north of the border is significantly higher than in the rest of the UK.

Public spending per head in 2012/13 was £8,500 in England, some £1,500 less than the Scottish average of £10,000. The extra “state” benefits enjoyed by Scots are legion, funded by the Danegeld from England.

So what does the future hold for an independent Scotland? More of the same, one imagines. Capital and talent will swiftly drain from the country producing an economic crisis that can only be countered by higher taxes and sharp spending cuts. Albania in a kilt. Salmond and Co will scream blue murder and point the finger at England, but with the two countries formally separated, such whinging will be ignored by most of the south.

Messier will be a narrow victory for No, enabling the Nats to go on playing the blame game.

It would be simpler and cleaner if we accepted the inevitable. Scotland and England have drifted apart over the past 30 years and no amount of flying the Saltire over Downing Street will change anything.


TAP - It was obvious enough what effect Thatcher's poll tax regime would have in Scotland.  The separation was planned a long time ago, and is an inevitable consequence of the UK joining the EU.