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Smart green genocide. Mark Windows talks to Deborah Tavares.

Demonstrators outside Bohemian Grove were hit with directed energy weapons.  WW3 is not visible.  Silent weapons systems are being used to attack people who try to resist the agenda - Agenda 21.

The USA lost its sovereignty in 1912 when the Federal Reserve was founded.  USA Inc is quoted on Dun and Bradstreet.  It's a business, a plantation of The City Of London.

People can be taken off their land and moved away at their own expense.  We were all brainwashed during our education, all believing we had a representative government.  The US government is an ideal only.  It doesn't exist in reality.  The Federal Government was dissolved by The Emergency Banking Act of 1933.

We have been enslaved by lack of knowledge, distracted by the covert collapse of markets.

Use the internet while we still have it.  The powers that be are working towards closing it down.  The WMF are the receivers of the United States bankruptcy.

A democracy is an established socialist communist order.  The US was a Republic for a brief period of time.  The US is run on Executive Orders out of the White House.  Our governments are incorporated.  Freedom, justice and liberty are an illusion.  Our rights are completely eroded.   Our lives are threatened with poisons, food shortages, water shortages, smart meters designed to scramble our minds.

Corporations are dictating our reality.  
'Who is running America?'  is a explaining who is running your city right now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Canadian Parliament Shooting. Stage-managed Jesuit MK diversion. WASP. Republic to be proclaimed in Canada January 1st.

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Canadian Parliament Shooting
No one has sent it in, so I thought I would do just that.

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Here is one from REUTERS :-

Was this a Stage Managed Jesuit MK... Diversion or What?

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TAP - Probably, but why now, WASP?  Is the ITCCS starting to make headway in overthrowing The Queen as Head Of State in Canada?

Republic to be Proclaimed in Canada, January 1-4, 2015

A Special Communique from The Provisional Council of The Republic of Kanata (Winnipeg)
October 22, 2014
Dear fellow lovers of liberty,
A great awakening is shaking our nation, as more people realize that “Canada” and its criminal sponsors and their laws are null and void. This growing awareness about the need for a Republic of Kanata has swelled our membership to over three hundred men and women in every region of “Canada”. And to accommodate and prepare these members and their delegates, our Council has had to move the date of the Republic’s founding Constitutional Convention in Winnipeg to January 1-4, 2015.
Pre-Convention material will be mailed to all of you before then, including copies of the new draft Proclamation of Independence, and Kanata’s proposed Constitution.
Our new Republic is as strong and real as each of us make it. That’s why local organizing committees for the Republic are active in the five main regions of “Canada”, uniting, educating and mobilizing the people to take back and reclaim their country within the ranks of the Republican movement.
These committees are based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. If you have not been connected with your local Republic organizers yet, please notify us immediately . Also watch our website .
Our work now focuses on educating people about our vision and principles, and launching direct actions to reclaim our land and its laws. In this regard, a small handbook and youtube posting is being prepared, entitled “Five Ways you Can Build the Republic of Kanata”. These ways include taking the Public Oath to the Republic, issuing Stand Down or Revocation Orders to all “crown” officials, refusing to pay taxes to the criminal state known as Canada, and organizing public Reclamations of so called “crown land” that has been stolen from the people.
As we take back our country and create working alternatives to the collapsing status quo, many more people will join us. The point is to start the process, now.
Monthly updates will follow. Spread the word, and Long live the Republic!
Issued by the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata
Colin Sullivan, Secretary
22 October, 2014

Hi Tap.

Yep that's that's what I was thinking too, Tap!

I will be in Touch.

I have told you this before, but never forget, what ever Israel do, they are carrying out the Vatican's Agenda.

Israel was a Product of the Jesuit Concordat Controlled 3rd Reich, I haven't had a great deal of time to read everything on the Blog, but I notice that many of the comments, are aimed at leading you astray Tap.

I have much information relating to this stuff, & I must try, & get around to relating it to you, at some stage.

Israel is the Vatican's Puppet Work_Dog State, well controlled, & Managed by SMOMS.

Opus Dei, are the main Financial Controllers. 

"When They Sneeze, The world Has A Hemorrhage." 

The BDM's will dismiss this a rubbish, but it isn't.

To understand this you need to forget about Religion!

REGARDS ........ WASP 

Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review

By   Wednesday, 22 October 2014 12:39 PM  5
Angels of our better nature? Campaigners fight for judicial review amid government attack

Angels of our better nature? Campaigners fight for judicial review amid government attack
When the local council gave permission to put up a 66 metre wind turbine next to the home of Chris and Julia Holder, it initially seemed they were powerless to stop it. Despite 1,125 letters of objections, the plans went through. It was judicial review which gave the couple the ability to fight the case in the Court of Appeal.
When the Department for Education stripped headteachers of their discretion to approve absences during term-time, a group of parents suddenly found they couldn't afford to take their kids on trips overseas. They used judicial review to challenge the decision.
When Sefton Borough Council refused to fund care for elderly Ms Blanchard until she'd diminished her savings to £1,500, it was judicial review which ended up finding the policy unlawful. The decision forced 120 other authorities to review their budget decisions and saved vulnerable people from having their savings slashed to pay for care.
Judicial review sounds boring. You shouldn't put it in a headline, as I have, because people won't click on it. You can’t mention it across a dinner table because everyone will stare at their plate and wait for you to shut up. But it is one of the most powerful tools citizens have over their government. In almost every case of injustice by the Home Office I've come across – especially in relation to immigration and asylum – it is judicial review which allowed the most vulnerable people in the country to challenge the most powerful.
When Chris Grayling was found to have turned legal aid into "an instrument of discrimination", it was because of judicial review. When two immigration officers detained, shouted at, bullied, harassed, imprisoned and conspired against an innocent Indian mother, how did her family fight the case? Judicial review.
So of course it should come as no surprise that the government is trying to dismantle it in the Lords this afternoon. They will do so not by banning it or anything as obvious as that. Instead they will do what the coalition always does: price it out. They will make it too expensive and risky for anyone but the most reckless and wealthy to contemplate.

As shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter told
"Judicial review is an important constitutional method in which the individual can hold the powerful state to account. The public would take a very dim view if any politician sought to undermine that fundamental principle for their own narrow political advantage. Chris Grayling should heed this warning and reverse his plans to curtail judicial review before it is too late."
Or as Bar Council chairman Nicholas Lavender said:
"If a government department or local authority did something you thought was unlawful, like stop your business from trading, close your mother's care home or relocate your child's school, what would you do? Judicial review is an important tool to stop dodgy decision-making by public authorities. It is fundamental to our system of justice and the rule of law that members of the public, including the weakest and most vulnerable, have an effective means of scrutinising and checking executive power."
Part four of the criminal justice and courts bill tries to dismantle judicial review through a four-pronged attack. First, it restricts the use of protective costs. Second, it exposes friends, relatives and associates of a claimant to financial costs. Third, it makes charities and NGOs who get involved in a case liable for costs. And fourth, it shields public bodies which have acted unlawfully from public scrutiny.
Protective costs limit how much of the other side's legal costs you have to pay if you undertake the case. Without it, the financial costs of pursuing judicial review become very daunting. The bill prevent judges granting protective cost orders until permission is granted, a stage which already requires lots of expensive legal work to get to. It's not even a problem – only a handful of these orders are granted a year anyway.
Prong two of the attack makes claimant's friends, colleagues, family and associates – anyone who might be able to help them financially, basically - liable to the legal costs. The emotional impact of this is severe. Someone may be willing to risk their own wellbeing and livelihood for something they believe in, but it feels entirely different if you’re risking the livelihood of those around you.

The measure against charities and NGOs is basically an attack on expert commentary. You can see why. Officials at the Ministry of Justice always seem averse to hearing from experts, because experts so rarely agree with them. As things stand, they can only contribute expert advice and guidance with the permission of the court. Making them liable to costs just freezes out people who know what they're talking about from participating in the legal process.
Finally, a no-difference threshold will mean authorities can escape legal challenges even when they’re plainly acting improperly.
Lord Pannick, Lord Woolf, Lord Carlile, and Lord Beecham are all tabling amendments trying to halt the changes. They are right to do so. This is an assault on accountability, scrutiny and civil society's participation in the political process.
When David Cameron first announced the plans he said:
"Consultations, impact assessments, audits, reviews, stakeholder management, securing professional buy-in, complying with EU procurement rules, assessing sector feedback…this is not how we became one of the most powerful, prosperous nations on earth. It's not how you get things done. When you have lobby groups lined up to criticise every action you take; parliamentary select committees ready to jump on every bump in the road; then the rational choice is to be cautious – even over-cautious. But for the sake of our country's progress we have got to cut through this."
This is the Shanghai effect. Ministers go to China, they see an extraordinary level of change and development, proceeding at a pace they can only dream of. It's a skyline that seems to change in real time, as you stare at it. Then they return to the UK, where the debate over high speed rail or a new runway drags on for years, and they dream Chinese dreams of scale and efficiency.

But democracy is not efficient. If one wants true efficiency, one quickly gives up on freedom, hence the fascist insistence that they can get the trains running on time. The drive to get rid of checks and balances is a fundamentally authoritarian instinct.
A coalition which came to power on a civil liberties ticket is now dismantling one of the most powerful weapons citizens have to hold power to account. It is a boring term, more suited to geeks than protestors. But we should not stare down at our plates. Once judicial review goes, we'll never get it back.


Jailed for keeping chickens



Published On October 19, 2014 | By CopBlock | Articles
Christine shared the information below.
Date of Interaction: October 2014
Individuals Responsible: Political actors in Tawas
Outfit: City of Tawas corporation
Phone: (989) 362-8688
The “officials” in Tawas, Michigan had a man and woman caged for keeping chickens on their property.
As shared by, the couple thought they would be given the opportunity to explain why they were keeping chickens but instead they were jailed.

Who fakes the news? We're living in an illusion. Gore VIdal.

See how the world has been conned with fake news about 'Kate' Middleton, and 'her' Prince William.

Gough Whitlam - Australia's greatest Prime Minister

The White Lamb is no more. The greatest statesman and reformer Australia has ever known didn't quite make a century - Gough Whitlam rounded off at 98 today.
In three short years this visionary Labor Prime Minister introduced free health care, free university education, land rights for Aboriginal people, sweeping divorce and family law reforms, ended conscription and involvement in the Vietnam War, freed the conscientious objectors, ended the notorious vestiges of the 'White Australia' policy, abolished the death penalty and sex discrimination, introduced welfare for single mothers, recognised and visited China - the first western leader to do so - and utterly transformed the face and substance of the nation despite endless attacks by a COALition that had ruled unopposed for a generation and detested him for beating them.

Now those who helped bring him down by blocking supply (money) to the government and strangling the country into economic chaos blithely blame him for the poisoned fruits of their actions. They denounced all of his reforms but revoked none of them when placed in power by fiat of the Queen's cur, the 'Governor General', in an unconstitutional coup.
Black budget CIA slush funds piped full page ads into every newpaper on behalf of major corporations, all blackening his name. The media was twisted against him in well documented intelligence ploys. His party and staffers were infiltrated by well-known CIA identities. At least they didn't just shoot him, as the same players did to Allende in Chile a couple of years earlier.

Amid all the acclamations and declarations of adulation by those who stabbed him in the back, the elephant in the room - that finally knocked him off in the country's notorious 1975 coup engineered by MI6 and the CIA - isn't even mentioned.
The fact that a tiny allied country threatened to evict US bases at the height of the Cold War is rarely brought up, but that's the reason his democratically elected government was removed by higher 'intelligence' powers whose identities are still unrecognised, despite being well known at the time.
But history is rewritten and erased all the time.
Have you ever heard of a little place called Pine Gap?

For some enlightning reads see and - and see 'older posts' too.

New Illuminati 

Syrian Girl - internet sensation dismissed by Kim someone or other

Vaccines? Dr. Mary's Monkey. 

So the human body has so finely evolved over the aeons that it requires multiple injections to maintain health. Yeah Darwin and Adam's Rib, great design!

This struck me as interesting because she's in The Mail: 
Meet Syrian Girl, the internet sensation dismissed as a Kim Kardashian wannabe who fearlessly posts her views on ISIS, al-Assad, the US and the conflict that is destroying her homeland

"She has been labelled everything from a government spy to a pro-Bashar al-Assad mouthpiece to a Kim Kardashian wannabe.

Her YouTube channel has received more than 2.5 million views, where she posts videos such as 'Exposed: The "Assad backs Al-Qaeda" Myth' and 'If Syria Disarms Chemical Weapons We Lose The War'.

Some of her more controversial assertions include that 9/11 was an 'inside job', that Ebola could be a US biological weapon and that chemical weapons are Syria's 'only hope'.

Ms Susli is currently studying a postgraduate degree in Australia after completing a science degree with a double major in biophysics and chemistry."

She's quite something, whether legit or fake or in between. I've enjoyed her commentaries over recent years. She does look too good to be true. But, hey, as well as the crap, life is full of wonderful surprises. Better than looking at Theresa May.

Uk Column and Brian Gerrish mention
Dot Com Children's Foundation:
Giving children the tools to cope with risky situations: 
... is supplying people for the child abuse inquiry. 

What are we providing?
A safeguarding mechanism to reach every child which is supported by the Home Office...

... independent then!

I do hope the BBC will give full and transparent coverage, don't you? Just as a bit of icing on the cover-up cake.

Legal challenge launched over abuse inquiry chair:

But Sharon Evans, a member of the inquiry panel, said it had "got off to a difficult start" but she was confident it was representative, with a QC and investigator from Her Majesty's Inspectors of Constabulary as well as people, like herself, with personal experience of abuse.

"There are nine people on the panel with an enormous background and expertise in this job," Ms Evans, chief of the Dotcom Children's Foundation, told Today. 

Oh I am relieved. It's all going to be fine and dandy, Sharon assures us so. 

Thinking of having your baby vaccinated?

A grieving mother Christine Cashman shares with us,
This is my baby girl, Abigail Amelia, who passed away on March 16, 2014 after a vaccine reaction. She died after she was given the 2 month shots. DTaP, HIB, IPV, PCV, Hep B and Rotovirus.This month was the first month I've actually been able to grieve somewhat properly. I love that baby girl and I'm not sure if I'll be able to move forward...but I'll try. Her current "official" cause of death is SIDS.

Hungary Plans to Tax Internet Use

Hungary Plans to Tax Internet Use with Levy on Service Providers

Hungary about to tax internet data, ~$0.6 for every GB transferred.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity.

 Government Cover-up of a Mercury / Autism Scandal
...article opens with this note:
Global Research Editor’s note
We bring to the attention of our readers this incisive and carefully documented 2005 article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published by Rolling Stone, first posted on Global Research in July 2009.
The article sheds light on the collusion between Big Pharma and the US government and the dangers associated with vaccines produced by major pharmaceutical companies. This article is of particular relevance to the current debate on the H1N1 swine flu virus and plans by the WHO, The Obama Administration and Big Pharma to develop a swine flu vaccine.
The article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. documented ”the government’s efforts to conceal alarming data about the dangers of vaccines.”
This article is of particular relevance in the light of recent revelations concerning CDC Vaccine Research Fraud.
Michel Chossudovsky, August 29, 2014
Excerpt from Kennedy's 2005 article:
The drug industry knew the additional vaccines posed a danger. The same year that the CDC approved the new vaccines, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, one of the fathers of Merck’s vaccine programs, warned the company that six-month-olds who were administered the shots would suffer dangerous exposure to mercury. He recommended that thimerosal be discontinued, “especially when used on infants and children,” noting that the industry knew of nontoxic alternatives. “The best way to go,” he added, “is to switch to dispensing the actual vaccines without adding preservatives.”
For Merck and other drug companies, however, the obstacle was money. Thimerosal enables the pharmaceutical industry to package vaccines in vials that contain multiple doses, which require additional protection because they are more easily contaminated by multiple needle entries. The larger vials cost half as much to produce as smaller, single-dose vials, making it cheaper for international agencies to distribute them to impoverished regions at risk of epidemics. Faced with this “cost consideration,” Merck ignored Hilleman’s warnings, and government officials continued to push more and more thimerosal-based vaccines for children. Before 1989, American preschoolers received eleven vaccinations — for polio, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and measles-mumps-rubella. A decade later, thanks to federal recommendations, children were receiving a total of twenty-two immunizations by the time they reached first grade.
As the number of vaccines increased, the rate of autism among children exploded. ...
Full, detailed article: